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2006-11-25CIFS: report rename failure when target file is locked by WindowsSteve French
2006-10-14[CIFS] Allow cifsd to suspend if connection is lostRafael J. Wysocki
2006-10-14[CIFS] Fix typo in earlier cifs_unlink change and protect one extra path.Steve French
2006-10-14[CIFS] Fix unlink oops when indirectly called in rename error path under heav...Steve French
2006-10-14[CIFS] fs/cifs/dir.c: fix possible NULL dereferenceSteve French
2006-04-24[PATCH] Don't allow a backslash in a path component (CVE-2006-1863)Steve French
2006-04-17[PATCH] Incorrect signature sent on SMB ReadSteve French
2006-03-05[CIFS] Always match oplock break (cache notification) to the right tcpSteve French
2006-02-22[PATCH] CIFS: CIFSSMBRead was returning an invalid pointer in buf on socket e...Steve French
2006-02-14[PATCH] CIFS: fix cifs_user_read oops when null SMB response on forcedirectio...Steve French
2006-01-27[CIFS] Remove compiler warningSteve French
2006-01-27Signed-off-by: Steve French <sfrench@us.ibm.com>Steve French
2006-01-24[CIFS] Make cifs default wsize match what we actually want to send (52KSteve French
2006-01-23[CIFS] Do not zero non-existent iovec in SendReceive response processing.Steve French
2006-01-18[CIFS] Fix oops in cifs_readpages caused by not checking buf_type in anSteve French
2006-01-17[CIFS] Remove compiler warningSteve French
2006-01-13[CIFS] Fix CIFS to recognize share mode securitySteve French
2006-01-12[CIFS] Fix typoSteve French
2006-01-12[CIFS] Add worker function for Get ACL cifs styleSteve French
2006-01-12Merge with /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6.gitSteve French
2006-01-12[CIFS] Allow local filesize for file that is open for write to be updatedSteve French
2006-01-10[PATCH] turn "const static" into "static const"Jesper Juhl
2006-01-09[PATCH] mutex subsystem, semaphore to mutex: VFS, ->i_semJes Sorensen
2006-01-08[PATCH] Fix and add EXPORT_SYMBOL(filemap_write_and_wait)OGAWA Hirofumi
2006-01-08[CIFS] Fix cifs trying to write to f_opsSteve French
2006-01-08[CIFS] Minor cleanup to new cifs acl header.Steve French
2005-12-31[CIFS] Fix typos in rfc1002pdu.hSteve French
2005-12-12[CIFS] Avoid extra large buffer allocation (and memcpy) in cifs_readpagesSteve French
2005-12-03[CIFS] Display large/small total buffer allocations in /proc/fs/cifs/StatsSteve French
2005-12-03[CIFS] Add extended stats (STATS2) for total buffer allocations forSteve French
2005-12-02[CIFS] Readpages and readir performance improvements - eliminate extraSteve French
2005-12-01[CIFS] Kerberos and CIFS ACL support part 1Steve French
2005-12-01[CIFS] Use fsuid (fsgid) more consistently instead of uid/gid inSteve French
2005-11-29[CIFS] For previous fix, mode on mkdir needed S_IFDIR left out.Steve French
2005-11-29[CIFS] Missing parenthesis and typo in previous fixSteve French
2005-11-29[CIFS] Fix umount --force to wake up the pending response queue, not justSteve French
2005-11-29[CIFS] Fix missing permission check on setattr when noperm mount option isSteve French
2005-11-28[CIFS] When file is deleted locally but later recreated on the serverSteve French
2005-11-19[CIFS] Fix setattr of mode only (e.g. in some chmod cases) to WindowsSteve French
2005-11-18[CIFS] Fix mknod of block and chardev over SFU mountsSteve French
2005-11-18[CIFS] Missing part of previous patchSteve French
2005-11-18[CIFS] Fix scheduling while atomic when pending writes at file close timeSteve French
2005-11-17[CIFS] Vectored and async i/o turned on and correct theSteve French
2005-11-17[CIFS] Recognize properly symlinks and char/blk devices (not justSteve French
2005-11-16[CIFS] Fix sparse warnings on smb bcc (byte count)Steve French
2005-11-15[CIFS] Fix endian errors (setfacl/getfacl failures) in handling ACLsSteve French
2005-11-15[CIFS] Recognize properly symlinks and char/blk devices (not just FIFOs)Steve French
2005-11-11[CIFS] Cleanup sparse warnings for unicode little endian castsSteve French
2005-11-11[CIFS] Fix CIFS "nobrl" mount option so does not disable sending brl requestsSteve French
2005-11-10[CIFS] Reduce sparse endian warningsSteve French