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2006-06-22[PATCH] i2c-i801: Remove force_addr parameterJean Delvare
2006-06-22[PATCH] i2c-i801: Fix block transaction poll loopsJean Delvare
2006-06-22[PATCH] scx200_acb: Mark scx200_acb_probe __initJean Delvare
2006-06-22[PATCH] scx200_acb: Use PCI I/O resource when appropriateJordan Crouse
2006-06-22[PATCH] i2c: Mark block write buffers as constKrzysztof Halasa
2006-06-22[PATCH] i2c-ocores: Minor cleanupsPeter Korsgaard
2006-06-22[PATCH] abituguru: Fix fan detectionHans de Goede
2006-06-22[PATCH] abituguru: Review fixesHans de Goede
2006-06-22[PATCH] abituguru: New hardware monitoring driverHans de Goede
2006-06-22[PATCH] w83792d: Add missing data access locksYuan Mu
2006-06-22[PATCH] w83792d: Fix setting the PWM valueYuan Mu
2006-06-22[PATCH] hwmon: Fix a typo in the hdaps driverJean Delvare
2006-06-22[PATCH] i2c: New bus driver for the OpenCores I2C controllerPeter Korsgaard
2006-06-22[PATCH] i2c: Suggest N for rare devices in KconfigJean Delvare
2006-06-22[PATCH] HWMON: Trim VID values to correct number of bitsRudolf Marek
2006-06-22[PATCH] HWMON: Improve the help text for CONFIG_HWMONJean Delvare
2006-06-22[PATCH] HWMON: w83791d: New hardware monitoring driver for the Winbond W83791DCharles Spirakis
2006-06-22[PATCH] HWMON: hdaps: Update the list of supported systemsJean Delvare
2006-06-22[PATCH] I2C: i2c-nforce2: Add support for the nForce4 MCP51 and MCP55Jean Delvare
2006-06-22[PATCH] I2C: i2c-piix4: Document the IBM problem more clearlyJean Delvare
2006-06-22[PATCH] I2C: i2c-piix4: Remove the fix_hstcfg parameterRudolf Marek
2006-06-22[PATCH] I2C: m41t00: Add support for the ST M41T81 and M41T85Mark A. Greer
2006-06-22[PATCH] i2c: cleanup m41t00Mark A. Greer
2006-06-22[PATCH] i2c-piix4: Add ATI IXP200/300/400 supportRudolf Marek
2006-06-22[PATCH] f71805f: Resource needs not be globalJean Delvare
2006-06-22[PATCH] smsc47m192: New hwmon driver for SMSC LPC47M192/997Hartmut Rick
2006-06-22[PATCH] w83627ehf: Add alarms supportJean Delvare
2006-06-22[PATCH] w83627ehf: Add voltage inputs supportRudolf Marek
2006-06-22[PATCH] lm83: Add LM82 supportJordan Crouse
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: only make /sys/class/usb show up when there is something in itGreg Kroah-Hartman
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: convert usb class devices to real devicesGreg Kroah-Hartman
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: move usb_device_class class devices to be real devicesGreg Kroah-Hartman
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: make endpoints real struct devicesGreg Kroah-Hartman
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: make usb_create_ep_files take a struct deviceGreg Kroah-Hartman
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: move the endpoint specific sysfs code to it's own fileGreg Kroah-Hartman
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: move <linux/usb_input.h> to <linux/usb/input.h>David Brownell
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: move hardware-specific <linux/usb_*.h> to <linux/usb/*.h>David Brownell
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: move <linux/usb_cdc.h> to <linux/usb/cdc.h>David Brownell
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: whitespace removal from usb/gadget/etherDavid Brownell
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: unusual_devs entry for Nokia N80Alan Stern
2006-06-21[PATCH] usbserial: Fixes wrong return values.Luiz Fernando N. Capitulino
2006-06-21[PATCH] usb gadget: update pxa2xx_udc.c driver to fully support IXP4xx platformMilan Svoboda
2006-06-21[PATCH] usb gadget: fix compile errorsMilan Svoboda
2006-06-21[PATCH] usb gadget: allow drivers support speeds higher than full speedMilan Svoboda
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: gadget-serial: do not save/restore IRQ flags in gs_close()Franck Bui-Huu
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: gadget-serial: fix a deadlock when closing the serial deviceFranck Bui-Huu
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB Serial: clean tty fields on failed device openFrank Gevaerts
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: trivial DEBUG message correction in gadget ether driverMatt Reimer
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: new driver for Cypress CY7C63xxx mirco controllersOliver Bock
2006-06-21[PATCH] USB: implement error event in usbmonPete Zaitcev