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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-07-30libata: fix follow-up SRST failure pathTejun Heo
2009-07-30Input: wistron_btns - recognize Maxdata Pro 7000 notebooksGiuseppe Mazzotta
2009-07-30netdev: restore MTU change operationBen Hutchings
2009-07-30netdev: restore MAC address set and validate operationsBen Hutchings
2009-07-30hwmon: (max6650) Fix lock imbalanceJiri Slaby
2009-07-30Staging: rt2870: Add USB ID for Sitecom WL-608Jorrit Schippers
2009-07-30dm raid1: wake kmirrord when requeueing delayed bios after remote recoveryMikulas Patocka
2009-07-30block: fix sg SG_DXFER_TO_FROM_DEV regressionFUJITA Tomonori
2009-07-30vc: create vcs(a) devices for consolesKay Sievers
2009-07-30mvsdio: fix handling of partial word at the end of PIO transferNicolas Pitre
2009-07-30HID: hiddev, fix lock imbalanceJiri Slaby
2009-07-30USB: EHCI: report actual_length for iso transfersAlan Stern
2009-07-30USB: fix LANGID=0 regressionDaniel Mack
2009-07-30USB: RNDIS gadget, fix issues talking from PXADavid Brownell
2009-07-30USB: fix memleak in usbfsOliver Neukum
2009-07-30USB: fix uninitialised variable in ti_do_downloadOliver Neukum
2009-07-30USB: ti_usb_3410_5052: fix duplicate device ids.Greg Kroah-Hartman
2009-07-30USB: handle zero-length usbfs submissions correctlyAlan Stern
2009-07-30Staging: prevent rtl8187se from crashing dev_ioctl() in SIOCGIWNAMEDan Aloni
2009-07-30gigaset: accept connection establishment messages in any orderTilman Schmidt
2009-07-30SCSI: zalon: fix oops on attach failureJames Bottomley
2009-07-24fbmon: work around compiler bug in gcc-4.2.4Linus Torvalds
2009-07-19Fix iommu address space allocationDavid Woodhouse
2009-07-19floppy: fix lock imbalanceJiri Slaby
2009-07-19md: avoid dereferencing NULL pointer when accessing suspend_* sysfs attributes.NeilBrown
2009-07-19md: fix error path when duplicate name is found on md device creation.NeilBrown
2009-07-19md/raid5: suspend shouldn't affect read requests.NeilBrown
2009-07-19tun/tap: Fix crashes if open() /dev/net/tun and then poll() it. (CVE-2009-1897)Mariusz Kozlowski
2009-07-02drm/i915: correct suspend/resume orderingJesse Barnes
2009-07-02ide-cd: prevent null pointer deref via cdrom_newpc_intrRainer Weikusat
2009-07-02serial: bfin_5xx: fix building as module when early printk is enabledMike Frysinger
2009-07-02dm: use i_size_readMikulas Patocka
2009-07-02dm exception store: really fix type lookupMilan Broz
2009-07-02dm exception store: fix exstore lookup to be case insensitiveJonathan Brassow
2009-07-02dm mpath: flush keventd queue in destructorMikulas Patocka
2009-07-02dm: sysfs skip output when device is being destroyedMilan Broz
2009-07-02dm mpath: validate table argument countMikulas Patocka
2009-07-02dm mpath: validate hw_handler argument countMikulas Patocka
2009-07-02qla2xxx: Correct (again) overflow during dump-processing on large-memory ISP2...Andrew Vasquez
2009-07-02PCI PM: Follow PCI_PM_CTRL_NO_SOFT_RESET during transitions from D3Rafael J. Wysocki
2009-07-02PCI PM: Fix handling of devices without PM support by pci_target_state()Rafael J. Wysocki
2009-07-02ath5k: avoid PCI FATAL interrupts by restoring RETRY_TIMEOUT disablingJouni Malinen
2009-07-02mv643xx_eth: fix unicast filter programming in promiscuous modePrabhanjan Sarnaik
2009-07-02parport_pc: after superio probing restore original register valuesJens Rottmann
2009-07-02parport_pc: set properly the dma_mask for parport_pc deviceFUJITA Tomonori
2009-07-02n_r3964: fix lock imbalanceJiri Slaby
2009-07-02pcmcia/cm4000: fix lock imbalanceJiri Slaby
2009-07-02usb-serial: replace shutdown with disconnect, releaseAlan Stern
2009-07-02vt_ioctl: fix lock imbalanceJiri Slaby
2009-07-02md/raid5: add missing call to schedule() after prepare_to_wait()Dan Williams