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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-01-20usb: serial: fix memory leak in generic driverJohan Hovold
2010-01-20USB: serial: fix USB serial fix kfifo_len lockingStefani Seibold
2009-12-23USB: option: support hi speed for modem Haier CE100Donny Kurnia
2009-12-23USB: ftdi_sio: sort PID/VID entries in new ftdi_sio_ids.h headerAndreas Mohr
2009-12-23USB: ftdi_sio: isolate all device IDs to new ftdi_sio_ids.h headerAndreas Mohr
2009-12-23USB: serial: Extra device/vendor ID for mos7840 driverBlaise Gassend
2009-12-23Fix usb_serial_probe() problem introduced by the recent kfifo changesStefani Seibold
2009-12-22kfifo: rename kfifo_put... into kfifo_in... and kfifo_get... into kfifo_out...Stefani Seibold
2009-12-22kfifo: cleanup namespaceStefani Seibold
2009-12-22kfifo: move out spinlockStefani Seibold
2009-12-22kfifo: move struct kfifo in placeStefani Seibold
2009-12-11Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/gregkh/tty-2.6Linus Torvalds
2009-12-11opticon: Fix resume logicAlan Cox
2009-12-11usb_serial: Kill port mutexAlan Cox
2009-12-11usb_serial: Use the shutdown() operationAlan Cox
2009-12-11tty_port: add "tty_port_open" helperAlan Cox
2009-12-11USB: mos7840: add device IDs for B&B electronics devicesCliff Brake
2009-12-11USB: ftdi_sio: add USB device ID's for B&B Electronics lineCliff Brake
2009-12-11USB: option: add pid for ZTEzhao.ming9@zte.com.cn
2009-12-11USB: remove the auto_pm flagAlan Stern
2009-12-11USB: option.c: add support for D-Link DWM-162-U5Zhang Le
2009-12-11USB: ark3116: Cleanup of now unneeded functionsbart.hartgers@gmail.com
2009-12-11USB: ark3116: Callbacks for interrupt and bulk readbart.hartgers@gmail.com
2009-12-11USB: ark3116: Add cmset and breakbart.hartgers@gmail.com
2009-12-11USB: ark3116: Replace cmgetbart.hartgers@gmail.com
2009-12-11USB: ark3116: Make existing functions 16450-aware and add close and release f...bart.hartgers@gmail.com
2009-12-11USB: ark3116: Setup some basic infrastructure for new ark3116 driver.bart.hartgers@gmail.com
2009-12-11USB: serial: sierra driver memory reductionElina Pasheva
2009-12-11USB: serial: ftdi_sio: add space/mark parityRoland Koebler
2009-11-30USB: Add support for Mobilcom Debitel USB UMTS Surf-Stick to option driverGernot Hillier
2009-11-30USB: ftdi_sio: Keep going when write errors are encountered.Eric W. Biederman
2009-11-18Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/gregkh/usb-2.6Linus Torvalds
2009-11-17USB: option.c: add support for D-Link DWM-162-U5Zhang Le
2009-11-17tty: cp210x: Fix carrier handlingAlan Cox
2009-10-30USB: option: TLAYTECH TUE800 supportBryan Wu
2009-10-30USB: serial: sierra driver autopm fixesElina Pasheva
2009-10-30USB: serial: sierra driver send_setup() autopm fixElina Pasheva
2009-10-14USB: option: Support for AIRPLUS MCD650 DatacardHuzaifa Sidhpurwala
2009-10-09USB: serial: no unnecessary GFP_ATOMIC in oti6858Oliver Neukum
2009-10-09USB: serial: fix race between unthrottle and completion handler in visorOliver Neukum
2009-10-09USB: serial: fix assumption that throttle/unthrottle cannot sleepOliver Neukum
2009-10-09USB: serial: fix race between unthrottle and completion handler in symbolserialOliver Neukum
2009-10-09USB: serial: fix race between unthrottle and completion handler in opticonOliver Neukum
2009-10-09USB: small fix in error case of suspend in generic usbserial codeOliver Neukum
2009-10-09USB: visor: fix trivial accounting bug in visor driverOliver Neukum
2009-10-09USB: Fix throttling in generic usbserial driverJoris van Rantwijk
2009-10-09USB: cp210x: Add support for the DW700 UART√Čric Piel
2009-10-09USB: ipaq: fix oops when device is plugged inAlan Stern
2009-10-09USB: option: Patch for Huawei Mobile Broadband E270+ ModemRonnie Furuskog
2009-10-09USB: option: Toshiba G450 device idPeter Magdina