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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-10-05Merge tag 'mfd-3.7-1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/sameo/...Linus Torvalds
2012-10-02Merge branch 'for-3.7' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/tj/wqLinus Torvalds
2012-10-02mfd: 88pm860x: Device tree supportHaojian Zhuang
2012-09-28Merge remote-tracking branches 'regulator/topic/core', 'regulator/topic/bypas...Mark Brown
2012-09-28regulator: arizona-ldo: Remove top voltageMark Brown
2012-09-25regulator: deprecate regulator-compatible DT propertyStephen Warren
2012-09-23regulator: palmas: Add DT supportGraeme Gregory
2012-09-19mfd: 88pm860x: Avoid to check resource for preg regulatorHaojian Zhuang
2012-09-19regulator: 88pm860x: Add pre-regulator support for 88pm860x regulatorJett.Zhou
2012-09-19mfd: max8925: Remove array in regulator platform dataHaojian Zhuang
2012-09-17regulator: anatop-regulator: Convert to use syscon to access anatop registerDong Aisheng
2012-09-16Merge tag 'mfd-for-linus-3.6-2' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/...Linus Torvalds
2012-09-14mfd: ab3100: Split ab3100 headers out of abx500.hMarcus Cooper
2012-09-11mfd: 88pm860x: Use REG resource in regulatorHaojian Zhuang
2012-09-11mfd: 88pm860x: Convert to IORESOURCE_REGMark Brown
2012-09-11mfd: wm831x: Convert to IORESOURCE_REGMark Brown
2012-09-10regulator: fan53555: remove vsel_max not usedYunfan Zhang
2012-09-10regulator: aat2870: Don't explicitly initialise the first fieldMark Brown
2012-09-10regulator: wm831x-ldo: Add bypass supportMark Brown
2012-09-10regulator: arizona-micsupp: Support get/set bypassMark Brown
2012-09-10regulator: arizona-ldo: Support get/set bypassMark Brown
2012-09-10regulator: core: Provide regmap get/set bypass operationsMark Brown
2012-09-10regulator: core: Support bypass modeMark Brown
2012-09-10regulator: Fairchild fan53555 supportYunfan Zhang
2012-09-09regulator: twl: Remove another unused variable warningMark Brown
2012-09-08regulator: core: Try using the parent device for the default regmapAnilKumar Ch
2012-09-08regulator: core: Fast path non-deferred disablesMark Brown
2012-09-07regulator: core: Report microvolts in sysfs even with only list_voltage()Mark Brown
2012-09-06regulator: tps6586x: add support for SYS railLaxman Dewangan
2012-09-06regulator: lp872x: remove unnecessary functionKim, Milo
2012-09-06regulator: lp872x: fix NULL pointer access problemKim, Milo
2012-09-06regulator: lp872x: initialize the DVS modeKim, Milo
2012-09-06regulator: lp872x: set the default DVS modeKim, Milo
2012-09-06regulator: lp872x: remove regulator platform data dependencyKim, Milo
2012-08-28regulator: mc13783: add regulators sw1x and sw2xGaëtan Carlier
2012-08-28regulator: max8907: Add MODULE_ALIASAxel Lin
2012-08-28regulator: max8907: fix use of possibly NULL idataStephen Warren
2012-08-28regulator: fix kernel-doc warnings in drivers/regulator/core.cRandy Dunlap
2012-08-28regulator: ab8500: provide per-regulator shiftLinus Walleij
2012-08-28regulator: max8907: fix compile error when !CONFIG_OFStephen Warren
2012-08-28regulator: max8907: Properly set pmic pointer in max8907_regulator_remove()Axel Lin
2012-08-28regulator: max8907: Fix n_voltages for MAX8907B SD1Axel Lin
2012-08-28regulator: using kfree() requires including slab.hStephen Rothwell
2012-08-28regulator: add MAX8907 driverGyungoh Yoo
2012-08-28regulator: twl: make twl_info tables constArnd Bergmann
2012-08-28regulator: twl: Remove get_voltage implementation for single voltage regulatorsAxel Lin
2012-08-28regulator: isl6271a: Remove get_voltage implementation for isl_fixed_opsAxel Lin
2012-08-28regulator: ab8500: Remove get_voltage implementation for ab8500_regulator_fix...Axel Lin
2012-08-28regulator: ab3100: Remove get_voltage implementation for regulator_ops_fixedAxel Lin
2012-08-28regulator: mc13xxx: Remove get_voltage implementation for single voltage regu...Axel Lin