path: root/drivers/pci/msi.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-12-06PCI/MSI: Add device flag indicating that 64-bit MSIs don't workBenjamin Herrenschmidt
2013-04-30PCI: Set ->mask_pos correctlyDan Carpenter
2013-04-24Merge branch 'pci/gavin-msi-cleanup' into nextBjorn Helgaas
2013-04-23PCI: Drop msi_mask_reg() and remove drivers/pci/msi.hBjorn Helgaas
2013-04-23PCI: Use msix_table_size() directly, drop multi_msix_capable()Bjorn Helgaas
2013-04-23PCI: Drop msix_table_offset_reg() and msix_pba_offset_reg() macrosBjorn Helgaas
2013-04-23PCI: Drop is_64bit_address() and is_mask_bit_support() macrosBjorn Helgaas
2013-04-23PCI: Drop msi_data_reg() macroBjorn Helgaas
2013-04-23PCI: Drop msi_lower_address_reg() and msi_upper_address_reg() macrosBjorn Helgaas
2013-04-23PCI: Drop msi_control_reg() macro and use PCI_MSI_FLAGS directlyBjorn Helgaas
2013-04-23PCI: Use cached MSI/MSI-X offsets from dev, not from msi_descBjorn Helgaas
2013-04-23PCI: Use cached MSI-X cap while enabling MSI-XGavin Shan
2013-04-23PCI: Use cached MSI cap while enabling MSI interruptsGavin Shan
2013-04-23PCI: Remove MSI/MSI-X cap check in pci_msi_check_device()Gavin Shan
2013-04-23PCI: Cache MSI/MSI-X capability offsets in struct pci_devGavin Shan
2013-04-12PCI: Make local functions/structs staticBjorn Helgaas
2013-01-24PCI/MSI: Enable multiple MSIs with pci_enable_msi_block_auto()Alexander Gordeev
2012-11-30s390/pci: PCI adapter interrupts for MSI/MSI-XJan Glauber
2012-01-06x86/PCI: Expand the x86_msi_ops to have a restore MSIs.Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk
2012-01-06PCI: msi: fix imbalanced refcount of msi irq sysfs objectsNeil Horman
2012-01-06PCI: msi: Disable msi interrupts when we initialize a pci deviceEric W. Biederman
2012-01-06PCI/sysfs: add per pci device msi[x] irq listing (v5)Neil Horman
2011-10-31pci: Fix files needing export.h for EXPORT_SYMBOL/THIS_MODULEPaul Gortmaker
2011-03-29drivers: Final irq namespace conversionThomas Gleixner
2010-12-23PCI: Add mask bit definition for MSI-X tableSheng Yang
2010-10-18msi: Introduce default_[teardown|setup]_msi_irqs with fallback.Thomas Gleixner
2010-10-12pci: Cleanup the irq_desc mess in msiThomas Gleixner
2010-10-12pci: Convert msi to new irq_chip functionsThomas Gleixner
2010-07-30PCI: MSI: Restore read_msi_msg_desc(); add get_cached_msi_msg_desc()Ben Hutchings
2010-07-30PCI: MSI: Remove unsafe and unnecessary hardware accessBen Hutchings
2010-07-30PCI: fix wrong memory address handling in MSI-XKenji Kaneshige
2010-03-30include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to prepare for breaking imp...Tejun Heo
2009-09-09PCI MSI: Style cleanupsHidetoshi Seto
2009-09-09PCI MSI: MSI-X cleanup, msix_setup_entries()Hidetoshi Seto
2009-09-09PCI MSI: MSI-X cleanup, msix_program_entries()Hidetoshi Seto
2009-09-09PCI MSI: MSI-X cleanup, msix_map_region()Hidetoshi Seto
2009-09-09PCI MSI: Relocate error path in init_msix_capability()Hidetoshi Seto
2009-09-09PCI MSI: Unify msi_free_irqs() and msix_free_all_irqs()Hidetoshi Seto
2009-09-09PCI MSI: Use list_first_entry()Hidetoshi Seto
2009-09-09PCI MSI: Remove attribute check from pci_disable_msi()Hidetoshi Seto
2009-06-29PCI MSI: Fix restoration of MSI/MSI-X mask states in suspend/resumeHidetoshi Seto
2009-06-29PCI MSI: Unmask MSI if setup failedHidetoshi Seto
2009-06-29PCI MSI: shorten PCI_MSIX_ENTRY_* symbol namesHidetoshi Seto
2009-06-29PCI MSI: Return if alloc_msi_entry for MSI-X failedHidetoshi Seto
2009-06-19PCI: make msi_free_irqs() to use msix_mask_irq() instead of open coded writeHidetoshi Seto
2009-06-19PCI: Fix the NIU MSI-X problem in a better wayMatthew Wilcox
2009-06-18PCI: remove redundant __msi_set_enable()Matthew Wilcox
2009-06-16PCI: remove invalid comment of msi_mask_irq()Kenji Kaneshige
2009-06-11PCI MSI: let drivers retry when not enough vectorsMichael S. Tsirkin