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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-03-06PCI: Fix infinite loop with ROM image of size 0Michel Dänzer
2015-03-06PCI: Generate uppercase hex for modalias var in ueventRicardo Ribalda Delgado
2015-01-16PCI: Restore detection of read-only BARsMyron Stowe
2014-12-06PCI/MSI: Add device flag indicating that 64-bit MSIs don't workBenjamin Herrenschmidt
2014-10-30PCI: Generate uppercase hex for modalias interface classRicardo Ribalda Delgado
2014-10-30PCI: Increase IBM ipr SAS Crocodile BARs to at least system page sizeDouglas Lehr
2014-07-06PCI: Fix incorrect vgaarb conditional in WARN_ON()Bjorn Helgaas
2014-07-06PCI: Add new ID for Intel GPU "spurious interrupt" quirkThomas Jarosch
2014-06-07PCI: shpchp: Check bridge's secondary (not primary) bus speedMarcel Apfelbaum
2014-03-23PCI: Enable INTx in pci_reenable_device() only when MSI/MSI-X not enabledBjorn Helgaas
2014-03-06PCI: Enable INTx if BIOS left them disabledBjorn Helgaas
2013-12-20PCI: Disable Bus Master only on kexec rebootKhalid Aziz
2013-12-04PCI: Remove duplicate pci_disable_device() from pcie_portdrv_remove()Yinghai Lu
2013-11-29PCI: Support PCIe Capability Slot registers only for ports with slotsBjorn Helgaas
2013-11-29PCI: Remove PCIe Capability version checksBjorn Helgaas
2013-11-29PCI: Allow PCIe Capability link-related register access for switchesBjorn Helgaas
2013-10-01PCI / ACPI / PM: Clear pme_poll for devices in D3cold on wakeupRafael J. Wysocki
2013-08-29ACPI: Try harder to resolve _ADR collisions for bridgesRafael J. Wysocki
2013-08-11PCI: Retry allocation of only the resource type that failedYinghai Lu
2013-08-11PCI: pciehp: Fix null pointer deref when hot-removing SR-IOV deviceYinghai Lu
2013-07-21ahci: Add AMD CZ SATA device IDShane Huang
2013-07-21PCI: Fix refcount issue in pci_create_root_bus() error recovery pathJiang Liu
2013-07-21PCI: Finish SR-IOV VF setup before adding the deviceXudong Hao
2013-07-21xen/pcifront: Deal with toolstack missing 'XenbusStateClosing' state.Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk
2013-06-24ACPI / dock / PCI: Synchronous handling of dock events for PCI devicesRafael J. Wysocki
2013-06-23PCI / ACPI: Use boot-time resource allocation rules during hotplugJiang Liu
2013-05-30aerdrv: Move cper_print_aer() call out of interrupt contextLance Ortiz
2013-05-17PCI: acpiphp: Re-enumerate devices when host bridge receives Bus CheckYinghai Lu
2013-05-09Merge tag 'pci-v3.10-fixes-1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/gi...Linus Torvalds
2013-05-07PCI: Delay final fixups until resources are assignedYinghai Lu
2013-05-02Merge branch 'next' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/benh/pow...Linus Torvalds
2013-05-01Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/vir...Linus Torvalds
2013-05-01proc: Supply a function to remove a proc entry by PDEDavid Howells
2013-05-01proc: Supply PDE attribute setting accessor functionsDavid Howells
2013-05-01Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net-nextLinus Torvalds
2013-04-30PCI: Set ->mask_pos correctlyDan Carpenter
2013-04-29Merge tag 'pci-v3.10-changes' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/gi...Linus Torvalds
2013-04-24pci: Add SRIOV helper function to determine if VFs are assigned to guestAlexander Duyck
2013-04-24Merge branch 'pci/gavin-msi-cleanup' into nextBjorn Helgaas
2013-04-23PCI: Drop msi_mask_reg() and remove drivers/pci/msi.hBjorn Helgaas
2013-04-23PCI: Use msix_table_size() directly, drop multi_msix_capable()Bjorn Helgaas
2013-04-23PCI: Drop msix_table_offset_reg() and msix_pba_offset_reg() macrosBjorn Helgaas
2013-04-23PCI: Drop is_64bit_address() and is_mask_bit_support() macrosBjorn Helgaas
2013-04-23PCI: Drop msi_data_reg() macroBjorn Helgaas
2013-04-23PCI: Drop msi_lower_address_reg() and msi_upper_address_reg() macrosBjorn Helgaas
2013-04-23PCI: Drop msi_control_reg() macro and use PCI_MSI_FLAGS directlyBjorn Helgaas
2013-04-23PCI: Use cached MSI/MSI-X offsets from dev, not from msi_descBjorn Helgaas
2013-04-23PCI: Use cached MSI-X cap while enabling MSI-XGavin Shan
2013-04-23PCI: Use cached MSI cap while enabling MSI interruptsGavin Shan