path: root/drivers/oprofile/cpu_buffer.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-08-27oprofile: Remove 'WQ on CPUx, prefer CPUy' warningRobert Richter
2011-02-15oprofile: Introduce new oprofile sample add function (oprofile_add_ext_hw_sam...Heinz Graalfs
2010-10-29oprofile: Remove deprecated use of flush_scheduled_work()Tejun Heo
2010-08-25oprofile: fix crash when accessing freed task structsRobert Richter
2010-05-03oprofile: protect from not being in an IRQ contextPhil Carmody
2010-04-23Merge commit 'tip/tracing/core' into oprofile/coreRobert Richter
2010-04-23oprofile: remove double ring bufferingAndi Kleen
2010-03-31ring-buffer: Add place holder recording of dropped eventsSteven Rostedt
2009-10-29percpu: make percpu symbols in oprofile uniqueTejun Heo
2009-06-11x86/oprofile: introduce oprofile_add_data64()Robert Richter
2009-06-11oprofile: remove obselete include headersRobert Richter
2009-05-07oprofile: fix cpu buffer sizeRobert Richter
2009-02-06ring_buffer: remove unused flags parameter, fixIngo Molnar
2009-01-17oprofile: fix uninitialized use of struct op_entryRobert Richter
2009-01-07oprofile: make new cpu buffer functions part of the apiRobert Richter
2009-01-07oprofile: remove #ifdef CONFIG_OPROFILE_IBS in non-ibs codeRobert Richter
2009-01-07oprofile: use new data sample format for ibsRobert Richter
2009-01-07oprofile: add op_cpu_buffer_add_data()Robert Richter
2009-01-07oprofile: rework implementation of cpu buffer eventsRobert Richter
2009-01-07oprofile: modify op_cpu_buffer_read_entry()Robert Richter
2009-01-07oprofile: add op_cpu_buffer_write_reserve()Robert Richter
2009-01-07oprofile: rename add_sample() in cpu_buffer.cRobert Richter
2009-01-07oprofile: remove backtrace code for ibsRobert Richter
2009-01-07oprofile: remove unused ibs macroRobert Richter
2009-01-07oprofile: remove unused components in struct oprofile_cpu_bufferRobert Richter
2008-12-30oprofile: simplify add_sample() in cpu_buffer.cRobert Richter
2008-12-29oprofile: simplify oprofile_begin_trace()Robert Richter
2008-12-29oprofile: add inline function __oprofile_add_ext_sample()Robert Richter
2008-12-29oprofile: reordering some code in cpu_buffer.cRobert Richter
2008-12-29oprofile: remove ring buffer inline functions in cpu_buffer.hRobert Richter
2008-12-29oprofile: rename cpu buffer functionsRobert Richter
2008-12-16oprofile: rename kernel-wide identifiersRobert Richter
2008-12-10oprofile: fix lost sample counterRobert Richter
2008-12-10oprofile: remove nr_available_slots()Robert Richter
2008-12-10oprofile: port to the new ring_bufferRobert Richter
2008-12-10oprofile: moving cpu_buffer_reset() to cpu_buffer.hRobert Richter
2008-12-10oprofile: adding cpu_buffer_write_commit()Robert Richter
2008-12-10oprofile: adding cpu buffer r/w access functionsRobert Richter
2008-12-10oprofile: whitspace changes onlyRobert Richter
2008-12-10oprofile: comment cleanupRobert Richter
2008-10-23Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/rri...Linus Torvalds
2008-10-21powerpc/oprofile: Fix mutex locking for cell spu-oprofileCarl Love
2008-10-17oprofile: hotplug cpu fixChris J Arges
2008-10-16oprofile: fixing whitespaces in drivers/oprofile/*Robert Richter
2008-10-15oprofile: more whitespace fixesRobert Richter
2008-10-15OProfile: Rework oprofile_add_ibs_sample() functionRobert Richter
2008-10-13Merge branch 'linus' into oprofile-v2Ingo Molnar
2008-09-30Merge commit 'v2.6.27-rc8' into oprofileIngo Molnar
2008-08-26powerpc/cell/oprofile: Avoid double vfree of profile bufferCarl Love
2008-07-26oprofile: fix printk in cpu_buffer.cRobert Richter