path: root/drivers/of/selftest.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-02-20of/unittest: Rename selftest.c to unittest.cGrant Likely
2015-02-20of/unittest: Remove test devices after adding themGrant Likely
2015-02-20of/selftest: Move hash table off stack to fix large frame sizeGrant Likely
2015-02-20of/selftest: Use the resolver to fixup phandlesGrant Likely
2015-02-20of/selftest: Add a test for duplicate phandlesGrant Likely
2015-02-20of/selftest: Test structure of device treeGrant Likely
2015-02-20of: Fix NULL dereference in selftest removal codeGrant Likely
2015-02-20Enabling OF selftest to run without machine's devicetreeGaurav Minocha
2015-02-20Adding selftest testdata dynamically into live treeGaurav Minocha
2015-02-20of: Transactional DT support.Pantelis Antoniou
2015-02-19OF: Utility helper functions for dynamic nodesPantelis Antoniou
2015-02-19of: Add a testcase for of_find_node_by_path()Grant Likely
2015-02-19of/selftest: add testcase for nodes with same name and addressRob Herring
2015-02-19of/selftest: clean-up of_selftest_platform_populate pass/fail handlingRob Herring
2015-02-19of: selftest: add deferred probe interrupt testRob Herring
2015-02-19of/selftest: Add self tests for manipulation of propertiesGrant Likely
2014-02-20of: Add self test for of_match_node()Grant Likely
2013-10-28of/irq: create interrupts-extended propertyGrant Likely
2013-10-24of: Add testcases for interrupt parsingGrant Likely
2013-02-13of: Create function for counting number of phandles in a propertyGrant Likely
2013-02-13of/selftest: Use selftest() macro throughoutGrant Likely
2013-02-13of/selftest: Fix GPIOs selftest to cover the 7th caseGrant Likely
2012-01-28of: Add of_property_match_string() to find index into a string listGrant Likely
2011-12-12of: Add device tree selftestsGrant Likely