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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-02-23ntb_transport: Pick an unused queueThomas VanSelus
2017-02-23NTB: ntb_transport: fix debugfs_remove_recursiveAllen Hubbe
2015-11-08NTB: fix 32-bit compiler warningArnd Bergmann
2015-11-08NTB: unify translation addressesDave Jiang
2015-11-08NTB: invalid buf pointer in multi-MW setupsJon Mason
2015-11-08NTB: remove unused variableSudip Mukherjee
2015-11-08NTB: fix access of free-ed pointerSudip Mukherjee
2015-11-08NTB: Fix issue where we may be accessing NULL ptrDave Jiang
2015-09-07NTB: Fix range check on memory window indexAllen Hubbe
2015-09-07NTB: Improve index handling in B2B MW workaroundAllen Hubbe
2015-09-07NTB: Use unique DMA channels for TX and RXDave Jiang
2015-09-07NTB: Remove dma_sync_wait from ntb_async_rxAllen Hubbe
2015-09-07NTB: Clean up QP stats infoDave Jiang
2015-09-07NTB: Make the transport list in order of discoveryDave Jiang
2015-09-07NTB: Add PCI Device IDs for Broadwell XeonDave Jiang
2015-09-07NTB: Add flow control to the ntb_netdevDave Jiang
2015-08-09ntb: avoid format string in dev_set_nameKees Cook
2015-08-09NTB: Fix dereference before checkAllen Hubbe
2015-08-09NTB: Fix zero size or integer overflow in ntb_set_mwAllen Hubbe
2015-08-09NTB: Schedule to receive on QP link upAllen Hubbe
2015-08-09NTB: Fix oops in debugfs when transport is half-upDave Jiang
2015-08-09NTB: Fix transport stats for multiple devicesDave Jiang
2015-08-09NTB: Fix ntb_transport out-of-order RX updateAllen Hubbe
2015-07-04NTB: Add split BAR output for debugfs statsDave Jiang
2015-07-04NTB: Change WARN_ON_ONCE to pr_warn_once on unsafeDave Jiang
2015-07-04NTB: Print driver name and version in module initDave Jiang
2015-07-04NTB: Increase transport MTU to 64k from 16kDave Jiang
2015-07-04NTB: Rename Intel code names to platform namesDave Jiang
2015-07-04NTB: Default to CPU memcpy for performanceDave Jiang
2015-07-04NTB: Improve performance with write combiningDave Jiang
2015-07-04NTB: Use NUMA memory in Intel driverAllen Hubbe
2015-07-04NTB: Use NUMA memory and DMA chan in transportAllen Hubbe
2015-07-04NTB: Rate limit ntb_qp_link_workAllen Hubbe
2015-07-04NTB: Add tool test clientAllen Hubbe
2015-07-04NTB: Add ping pong test clientAllen Hubbe
2015-07-04NTB: Add parameters for Intel SNB B2B addressesAllen Hubbe
2015-07-04NTB: Reset transport QP link stats on downAllen Hubbe
2015-07-04NTB: Do not advance transport RX on link downAllen Hubbe
2015-07-04NTB: Differentiate transport link down messagesAllen Hubbe
2015-07-04NTB: Check the device ID to set errata flagsDave Jiang
2015-07-04NTB: Enable link for Intel root port mode in probeDave Jiang
2015-07-04NTB: Read peer info from local SPAD in transportDave Jiang
2015-07-04NTB: Split ntb_hw_intel and ntb_transport driversAllen Hubbe
2015-07-04NTB: Add NTB hardware abstraction layerAllen Hubbe
2015-07-02NTB: Move files in preparation for NTB abstractionAllen Hubbe
2015-06-23Merge tag 'pci-v4.2-changes' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git...Linus Torvalds
2015-06-11ntb: initialize max_mw for Atom before using itDaniel Verkamp
2015-06-08ntb: iounmap MW reg and vbase in error pathJon Mason
2015-05-07ntb: Drop pci_msi_off() call during probeMichael S. Tsirkin
2014-10-17ntb: Adding split BAR support for Haswell platformsDave Jiang