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2012-09-27NFC: Fix missing mutex unlock in pn533_send_cmd_frame_asyncSzymon Janc
2012-09-25NFC: xmit from hci ops must return 0 or negativeWaldemar Rymarkiewicz
2012-09-25NFC: Remove the pn544 raw driverCong Wang
2012-09-25NFC: Move the pn544_hci dereference below the NULL testWei Yongjun
2012-09-25NFC: Move the nfcwilink dereference below the NULL testWei Yongjun
2012-09-25NFC: Changed HCI and PN544 HCI driver to use the new HCI LLC CoreEric Lapuyade
2012-09-25NFC: Modified hci_transceive to become an asynchronous operationEric Lapuyade
2012-09-25NFC: Remove crc generation from shdlc layerWaldemar Rymarkiewicz
2012-09-25NFC: Set the IRQF_ONESHOT flag from the pn544_hci IRQ handler requestSamuel Ortiz
2012-09-25NFC: Don't use WQ_MEM_RECLAIM for pn533Tejun Heo
2012-09-25NFC: Use module_platform_driver macro for nfcwilink.cSyam Sidhardhan
2012-09-25NFC: Queue pn533 commandsSamuel Ortiz
2012-07-09NFC: Add ISO 14443 type B protocolSamuel Ortiz
2012-07-09NFC: Use communicate thru only for PaSoRi when trying to read Felica tagsSamuel Ortiz
2012-07-09NFC: Add initial Sony RC-S360 support to pn533Samuel Ortiz
2012-07-09NFC: Allow HCI driver to pre-open pipes to some gatesEric Lapuyade
2012-07-09NFC: update PN544 HCI driver state when opened/closedEric Lapuyade
2012-06-04NFC: Monitor pn533 target modeSamuel Ortiz
2012-06-04NFC: Convert pn533 from semaphore to mutexSamuel Ortiz
2012-06-04NFC: Set the proper baud rate when trying to activate pn533 targetsSamuel Ortiz
2012-06-04NFC: Implement pn533 polling loopSamuel Ortiz
2012-06-04NFC: Add type A and type F parameters for pn533 target modeSamuel Ortiz
2012-06-04NFC: Add passive initiator data for pn533Samuel Ortiz
2012-06-04NFC: Configure pn533 RF timingsSamuel Ortiz
2012-06-04NFC: Unregister device if pn533 initial configuration failsSamuel Ortiz
2012-06-04NFC: Reset poll mod list when stopping pn533 pollSamuel Ortiz
2012-06-04NFC: Implement the pn533 target mode Tx opSamuel Ortiz
2012-06-04NFC: Implement the pn533 target mode data fetching routineSamuel Ortiz
2012-06-04NFC: Introduce target mode tx opsSamuel Ortiz
2012-06-04NFC: Add target mode activation netlink eventSamuel Ortiz
2012-06-04NFC: Implement pn533 target mode polling loopSamuel Ortiz
2012-06-04NFC: Add target mode protocols to the polling loop startup routineSamuel Ortiz
2012-05-25NFC: potential integer overflow problem in check_crc()Dan Carpenter
2012-05-15NFC: HCI based pn544 driverEric Lapuyade
2012-05-15NFC: Remove unneeded pn533 dev NULL checkDan Carpenter
2012-05-15NFC: Cache the core NFC active target pointer instead of its indexEric Lapuyade
2012-04-12NFC: pn533 Rx chaining supportSamuel Ortiz
2012-04-12NFC: Convert pn533 from tasklet to workqueuesSamuel Ortiz
2012-03-06NFC: Remove the rf mode parameter from the DEP link up routineSamuel Ortiz
2012-03-06NFC: Export NFCID when detecting a p2p target with pn533Samuel Ortiz
2012-03-06NFC: Export Jewel/Topaz ID from pn533Samuel Ortiz
2012-03-06NFC: Export sensf from pn533Samuel Ortiz
2012-03-06NFC: Clear pn533 target structureSamuel Ortiz
2012-03-06NFC: Export NFCID1 from pn533Samuel Ortiz
2012-01-24NFC: Free sk_buff if nfcwilink_send failsIlan Elias
2012-01-24NFC: Download TI NFC init scriptIlan Elias
2012-01-24NFC: Add endian annotations to nfcwilink driverIlan Elias
2012-01-07Merge branch 'driver-core-next' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/...Linus Torvalds
2011-12-14NFC: DEP link hook implementation for pn533Samuel Ortiz
2011-12-14NFC: Set and get DEP general bytesSamuel Ortiz