path: root/drivers/net/phy/bcm7xxx.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-10-08net: phy: bcm7xxx: Modified to use global core register definesArun Parameswaran
2015-10-08net: phy: Add Broadcom phy library for common interfacesArun Parameswaran
2015-06-28net: phy: bcm7xxx: workaround MDIO management controller initial readFlorian Fainelli
2015-06-08net: phy: bcm7xxx: update workaround to fix 100BaseT corner casesFlorian Fainelli
2015-05-25net: phy: bcm7xxx: Fix 7425 PHY ID and flagsFlorian Fainelli
2015-03-09net: phy: bcm7xxx: add alternate id for 7439Florian Fainelli
2014-12-08net: phy: bcm7xxx: add an explicit version check for GPHY rev G0Florian Fainelli
2014-11-12net: phy: bcm7xxx: add workaround for PHY revision E0 and F0Florian Fainelli
2014-11-12net: phy: bcm7xxx: add PHY revision D0 workaround sequenceFlorian Fainelli
2014-11-12net: phy: bcm7xxx: introduce r_rc_cal_reset helperFlorian Fainelli
2014-11-12net: phy: bcm7xxx: drop A0 revision workaround and fix B0 workaroundFlorian Fainelli
2014-11-12net: phy: bcm7xxx: only show PHY revision onceFlorian Fainelli
2014-11-12net: phy: replace phy_drivers_register callsJohan Hovold
2014-10-01net: phy: add BCM7425 and BCM7429 PHYsPetri Gynther
2014-09-19net: phy: bcm7xxx: utilize PHY revision in config_initFlorian Fainelli
2014-09-19net: phy: bcm7xxx: do not use PHY_BRCM_100MBPS_WARFlorian Fainelli
2014-08-27net: phy: bcm7xxx: add BCM7250 and BCM7364 PHY entriesFlorian Fainelli
2014-08-27net: phy: bcm7xxx: introduce helper macroFlorian Fainelli
2014-08-23net: phy: bcm7xxx: enable EEE at the PHY levelFlorian Fainelli
2014-08-23net: phy: bcm7xxx: enable auto power downFlorian Fainelli
2014-08-16net: phy: bcm7xxx: remove suspend callback for 28nm PHYsFlorian Fainelli
2014-08-16net: phy: bcm7xxx: re-advertise all supported modes out of suspendFlorian Fainelli
2014-08-16net: phy: bcm7xxx: remove 28nm wildcard entryFlorian Fainelli
2014-03-26net: phy: bcm7xxx: properly clear AFE_RX_LP_COUNTERFlorian Fainelli
2014-03-26net: phy: bcm7xxx: fix spurious MDIO failures during workaroundFlorian Fainelli
2014-03-26net: phy: bcm7xxx: define constants for our registersFlorian Fainelli
2014-02-14net: phy: add Broadcom BCM7xxx internal PHY driverFlorian Fainelli