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2014-03-28qlge: Do not propaged vlan tag offloads to vlansVlad Yasevich
2014-03-27net/mlx4_core: pass pci_device_id.driver_data to __mlx4_init_one during resetWei Yang
2014-03-26net: mvneta: use devm_ioremap_resource() instead of of_iomap()Thomas Petazzoni
2014-03-26net: mvneta: fix usage as a module on RGMII configurationsThomas Petazzoni
2014-03-26net: mvneta: rename MVNETA_GMAC2_PSC_ENABLE to MVNETA_GMAC2_PCS_ENABLEThomas Petazzoni
2014-03-26tg3: Do not include vlan acceleration features in vlan_featuresVlad Yasevich
2014-03-24net: davinci_emac: Fix rollback of emac_dev_open()Christian Riesch
2014-03-24net: davinci_emac: Replace devm_request_irq with request_irqChristian Riesch
2014-03-24net: micrel : ks8851-ml: add vdd-supply supportNishanth Menon
2014-03-19via-rhine: Disable device in error pathRoger Luethi
2014-03-18ATHEROS-ATL1E: Convert iounmap to pci_iounmapPeter Senna Tschudin
2014-03-18cnic: Update version to 2.5.20 and copyright year.Michael Chan
2014-03-18cnic,bnx2i,bnx2fc: Fix inconsistent use of page sizeMichael Chan
2014-03-18cnic: Use proper ulp_ops for per device operations.Michael Chan
2014-03-17net: cpsw: do not register cpts twiceBenedikt Spranger
2014-03-17ATHEROS-ALX: Use dma_set_mask_and_coherent and fix a bugPeter Senna Tschudin
2014-03-13eth: fec: Fix lost promiscuous mode after reconnecting cableStefan Wahren
2014-03-13net/mlx4_en: Deregister multicast vxlan steering rules when going downOr Gerlitz
2014-03-12net/mlx4_core: Load the IB driver when the device supports IBoEOr Gerlitz
2014-03-12net/mlx4_en: Handle vxlan steering rules for mac address changesOr Gerlitz
2014-03-12net/mlx4_core: Fix wrong dump of the vxlan offloads device capabilityOr Gerlitz
2014-03-12r8169: fix the incorrect tx descriptor versionhayeswang
2014-03-11stmmac: dwmac-sti: fix broken STiD127 compatibilityGiuseppe CAVALLARO
2014-03-11stmmac: fix chained modeGiuseppe CAVALLARO
2014-03-11stmmac: fix and better tune the default buffer sizesGiuseppe CAVALLARO
2014-03-11stmmac: disable at run-time the EEE if not supportedGiuseppe CAVALLARO
2014-03-10bna: Replace large udelay() with mdelay()Ben Hutchings
2014-03-09bnx2: Fix shutdown sequenceMichael Chan
2014-03-06net/mlx4_core: mlx4_init_slave() shouldn't access comm channel before PF is r...Amir Vadai
2014-03-06net/mlx4_core: Fix memory access error in mlx4_QUERY_DEV_CAP_wrapper()Amir Vadai
2014-03-06ibmveth: Fix endian issues with MAC addressesAnton Blanchard
2014-03-05net: macb: DMA-unmap full rx-bufferSoren Brinkmann
2014-03-05net: macb: Check DMA mappings for errorSoren Brinkmann
2014-03-05net/mlx4: Support shutdown() interfaceGavin Shan
2014-03-03net: cpsw: fix cpdma rx descriptor leak on down interfaceSchuyler Patton
2014-03-03be2net: isolate TX workarounds not applicable to Skyhawk-RVasundhara Volam
2014-03-03be2net: Fix skb double free in be_xmit_wrokarounds() failure pathVasundhara Volam
2014-03-03be2net: clear promiscuous bits in adapter->flags while disabling promiscuous ...Somnath kotur
2014-03-03be2net: Fix to reset transparent vlan taggingSomnath Kotur
2014-03-03qlcnic: dcb: a couple off by one bugsDan Carpenter
2014-03-02b44: always set duplex mode why phy changesHauke Mehrtens
2014-03-02b44: add calls to phy_{start,stop}Hauke Mehrtens
2014-02-28bna: fix vlan tag stripping and implement its togglingIvan Vecera
2014-02-28tg3: Don't check undefined error bits in RXBDMichael Chan
2014-02-27bnx2x: Add missing bit in default Tx switchingYuval Mintz
2014-02-26sfc: check for NULL efx->ptp_data in efx_ptp_eventEdward Cree
2014-02-25net/cxgb4: use remove handler as shutdown handlerThadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo
2014-02-25qlcnic: Fix number of rings when we fall back from msix to legacy.Rajesh Borundia
2014-02-25qlcnic: Allow any VLAN to be configured from VF.Sucheta Chakraborty
2014-02-25qlcnic: Fix usage of use_msi and use_msi_x module parametersShahed Shaikh