path: root/drivers/net/ethernet/intel/ixgbe/ixgbe_phy.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-09-23ixgbe: Allow SFP+ on more than 82598 and 82599Mark Rustad
2015-09-23ixgbe: Allow reduced delays during SFP detectionMark Rustad
2015-09-23ixgbe: Clear I2C destination locationMark Rustad
2015-09-22ixgbe: Enable bit-banging mode on X550Mark Rustad
2015-09-22ixgbe: Set lan_id before first I2C eeprom accessMark Rustad
2015-09-22ixgbe: Provide unlocked I2C methodsMark Rustad
2015-09-01ixgbe: Avoid needless PHY access on copper physMark Rustad
2015-09-01ixgbe: cleanup to use cached mask valueDon Skidmore
2015-09-01ixgbe: Remove second instance of lan_id variableDon Skidmore
2015-06-09ixgbe: Set lan_id before using I2CDon Skidmore
2015-06-09ixgbe: Add support for another X550 device.Don Skidmore
2015-06-09ixgbe: Add a PHY power state methodDon Skidmore
2015-06-09ixgbe: add define for X557 PHY IDDon Skidmore
2015-06-09ixgbe: add array of MAC type dependent valuesDon Skidmore
2015-05-04ixgbe: Use a signed type to hold error codesMark Rustad
2014-12-05ixgbe: add methods for combined read and write operationsDon Skidmore
2014-12-05ixgbe: Add x550 SW/FW semaphore supportDon Skidmore
2014-11-14Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/netDavid S. Miller
2014-11-11ixgbe: phy: fix uninitialized status in ixgbe_setup_phy_link_tnxDaniel Borkmann
2014-11-11ixgbe: Add new support for X550 MAC'sDon Skidmore
2014-10-02ixgbe: remove wait loop on autoneg for copper devicesEmil Tantilov
2014-07-25ixgbe: Make return values more directMark Rustad
2014-05-23ixgbe: clean up checkpatch warnings about CODE_INDENT and LEADING_SPACEJacob Keller
2014-04-18e1000e/igb/ixgbe/i40e: fix message terminationsJakub Kicinski
2014-03-31ixgbe: fix ixgbe_check_reset_blocked() declarationJean Sacren
2014-03-12ixgbe: add Linux NICS mailing list to contact infoJacob Keller
2014-02-28ixgbe: Add check for FW veto bitDon Skidmore
2014-01-14ixgbe: Check for adapter removal on register writesMark Rustad
2013-11-30ixgbe: Make ixgbe_identify_qsfp_module_generic staticMark Rustad
2013-08-29ixgbe: add support for older QSFP active DA cablesEmil Tantilov
2013-08-29ixgbe: add 1Gbps support for QSFP+Emil Tantilov
2013-08-29ixgbe: cleanup some log messagesDon Skidmore
2013-08-29ixgbe: Check return value on eeprom readsMark Rustad
2013-07-31ixgbe: add support for quad-port x520 adapterDon Skidmore
2013-07-30ixgbe: fix semaphore lock for I2C read/writes on 82598Emil Tantilov
2013-04-24ixgbe: add SFP+ LX module supportDon Skidmore
2013-02-15ixgbe: cleanup error checking in ixgbe_identify_sfp_module_generic()Emil Tantilov
2013-02-15ixgbe: fix possible data corruption in read_i2c_byteEmil Tantilov
2013-02-05ixgbe: update date to 2013Don Skidmore
2013-02-05ixgbe: allow reading of SFF-8472 data over i2cEmil Tantilov
2013-01-31ixgbe: removed unused variable from setup_link_speedJosh Hay
2012-06-20ixgbe: add support for 1G SX modulesJacob Keller
2012-04-14ixgbe: add I2C clock stretchingDon Skidmore
2012-02-04Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/netDavid S. Miller
2012-02-03ixgbe: update copyright to 2012Don Skidmore
2012-02-01ixgbe: Add module parameter to allow untested and unsafe SFP+ modulesPeter P Waskiewicz Jr
2012-01-02ixgbe: add write flush in ixgbe_clock_out_i2c_byte()Emil Tantilov
2011-12-19net: fix assignment of 0/1 to bool variables.Rusty Russell
2011-10-05ixgbe: remove return code for functions that always return 0Emil Tantilov
2011-10-05ixgbe: clear the data field in ixgbe_read_i2c_byte_genericEmil Tantilov