path: root/drivers/net/ethernet/intel/ixgbe/ixgbe_ethtool.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-10-16drivers/net: get rid of unnecessary initializations in .get_drvinfo()Ivan Vecera
2015-09-15ixgbe: Limit lowest interrupt rate for adaptive interrupt moderation to 12KAlexander Duyck
2015-09-01ixgbe: Add support for reporting 2.5G link speedMark Rustad
2015-09-01ixgbe: support for ethtool set_rxfhTom Barbette
2015-07-17ixgbe: only report generic filters in get_ts_infoJacob Keller
2015-06-09ixgbe: add define for X557 PHY IDDon Skidmore
2015-06-09ixgbe: add array of MAC type dependent valuesDon Skidmore
2015-05-28ixgbe: Allow flow director to use entire queue spaceJohn Fastabend
2015-05-04ixgbe: Use a signed type to hold error codesMark Rustad
2015-04-10ixgbe: Add the appropriate ethtool ops to query RSS indirection table and keyVlad Zolotarov
2015-03-31ethernet: Use bool function returns of true/false instead of 1/0Joe Perches
2015-03-13ixgbe: add new wrapper for X550 supportDon Skidmore
2014-12-05ixgbe: add support for X550 extended RSS supportDon Skidmore
2014-11-11ixgbe: Add new support for X550 MAC'sDon Skidmore
2014-10-30ixgbe: fix race when setting advertised speedEmil Tantilov
2014-10-02ixgbe: fix setting of TXDCTL.WTRHESH when ITR is set to 0 and no BQLEmil Tantilov
2014-09-12ixgbe: Resolve warnings produced in W=2 buildsMark Rustad
2014-08-06list: fix order of arguments for hlist_add_after(_rcu)Ken Helias
2014-07-20ixgbe: remove unnecessary break after returnFabian Frederick
2014-06-06net: use SPEED_UNKNOWN and DUPLEX_UNKNOWN when appropriateJiri Pirko
2014-06-03ixgbe: fix detection of SFP+ capable interfacesEmil Tantilov
2014-05-23ixgbe: add /* fallthrough */ comment to case statementsJacob Keller
2014-05-23ixgbe: add space between operands to &Jacob Keller
2014-05-23ixgbe: fix several concatenated strings to single lineJacob Keller
2014-05-23ixgbe: clean up checkpatch warnings about CODE_INDENT and LEADING_SPACEJacob Keller
2014-05-13net: get rid of SET_ETHTOOL_OPSWilfried Klaebe
2014-03-14net: Replace u64_stats_fetch_begin_bh to u64_stats_fetch_begin_irqEric W. Biederman
2014-03-12ixgbe: add Linux NICS mailing list to contact infoJacob Keller
2014-03-02ixgbe: Fix up some ethtool results when adapter is removedMark Rustad
2014-01-14ixgbe: Additional adapter removal checksMark Rustad
2014-01-14ixgbe: Make ethtool register test use accessorsMark Rustad
2013-10-24ixgbe: fix rx-usecs range checks for BQLEmil Tantilov
2013-10-01ixgbe: remove marketing names from busy poll codeJacob Keller
2013-10-01ixgbe: ethtool DCB registers dump for 82599 and x540Leonardo Potenza
2013-09-13ixgbe: fix ethtool reporting of supported links for SFP modulesEmil Tantilov
2013-09-13ixgbe: limit setting speed to only one at a time for QSFP modulesEmil Tantilov
2013-09-13ixgbe: fix ethtool loopback diagnostic with DCB enabledEmil Tantilov
2013-08-29ixgbe: add 1Gbps support for QSFP+Emil Tantilov
2013-08-29ixgbe: fix SFF data dumps of SFP+ modules from an offsetEmil Tantilov
2013-08-29ixgbe: fix link test when connected to 1Gbps link partnerEmil Tantilov
2013-08-29ixgbe: fix incorrect limit value in ring transverseDon Skidmore
2013-07-31ixgbe: rename LL_EXTENDED_STATS to use queue instead of qJacob Keller
2013-07-30ixgbe: fix SFF data dumps of SFP+ modulesEmil Tantilov
2013-07-30ixgbe: fix fc autoneg ethtool reporting.Don Skidmore
2013-06-10ixgbe: add extra stats for ndo_ll_pollEliezer Tamir
2013-04-25ixgbe: add mac type to the version in ethtool_regsEmil Tantilov
2013-04-25ixgbe: fix register access during ethtool loopback testEmil Tantilov
2013-04-24ixgbe: add SFP+ LX module supportDon Skidmore
2013-02-27hlist: drop the node parameter from iteratorsSasha Levin
2013-02-15ixgbe: fix Tx timeouts with BQLEmil Tantilov