path: root/drivers/net/ethernet/intel/igb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-10-06igb: Code to prevent overwriting SFP I2CAkeem G. Abodunrin
2011-09-19igb: Remove multi_tx_table and simplify igb_xmit_frameAlexander Duyck
2011-09-19igb: Replace E1000_XX_DESC_ADV with IGB_XX_DESCAlexander Duyck
2011-09-19igb: drop the "adv" off function names relating to descriptorsAlexander Duyck
2011-09-19igb: Refactor clean_rx_irq to reduce overhead and improve performanceAlexander Duyck
2011-09-19igb: update ring and adapter structure to improve performanceAlexander Duyck
2011-09-19igb: streamline Rx buffer allocation and cleanupAlexander Duyck
2011-09-19igb: drop support for single buffer modeAlexander Duyck
2011-09-19igb: Update max_frame_size to account for an optional VLAN tag if presentAlexander Duyck
2011-09-19igb: Update RXDCTL/TXDCTL configurationsAlexander Duyck
2011-08-30intel: convert to SKB paged frag API.Ian Campbell
2011-08-17net: remove use of ndo_set_multicast_list in driversJiri Pirko
2011-08-17net: introduce IFF_UNICAST_FLT private flagJiri Pirko
2011-08-10intel: Move the Intel wired LAN driversJeff Kirsher