path: root/drivers/net/ethernet/intel/e1000e
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-09-15e1000e: fix division by zero on jumbo MTUsDmitry Fleytman
2015-10-16drivers/net/intel: use napi_complete_done()Jesse Brandeburg
2015-10-16drivers/net: get rid of unnecessary initializations in .get_drvinfo()Ivan Vecera
2015-09-22e1000e: Enable TSO for stacked VLANToshiaki Makita
2015-08-18e1000e: Modify Tx/Rx configurations to avoid null pointer dereferences in e10...Jia-Ju Bai
2015-08-05e1000e: Increase driver version numberRaanan Avargil
2015-08-05e1000e: Fix tight loop implementation of systime read algorithmRaanan Avargil
2015-08-05e1000e: Fix incorrect ASPM lockingRaanan Avargil
2015-08-05e1000e: Cosmetic changesRaanan Avargil
2015-08-05e1000e: Fix EEE in Sx implementationRaanan Avargil
2015-07-23e1000e: Cleanup qos request in error handling of e1000_openJia-Ju Bai
2015-06-26e1000e: i219 - k1 workaround for LPT is not required for SPTYanir Lubetkin
2015-06-26e1000e: i219 - Increase minimum FIFO read/write min gapYanir Lubetkin
2015-06-26e1000e: i219 - increase IPG for speed 10/100 full duplexYanir Lubetkin
2015-06-26e1000e: i219 - fix to enable both ULP and EEE in Sx stateYanir Lubetkin
2015-06-26e1000e: synchronization of MAC-PHY interface only on non- ME systemsYanir Lubetkin
2015-06-26e1000e: fix locking issue with e1000e_disable_aspmYanir Lubetkin
2015-06-03e1000e: Bump the version to 3.2.5Yanir Lubetkin
2015-06-03e1000e: fix unit hang during loopback testYanir Lubetkin
2015-06-03e1000e: fix systim issuesYanir Lubetkin
2015-06-03e1000e: fix legacy interrupt handling in i219Yanir Lubetkin
2015-06-03e1000e: fix flush_desc_ring implementationYanir Lubetkin
2015-06-03e1000e: fix logical error in flush_desc_ringsYanir Lubetkin
2015-06-03e1000e: remove call to do_div and sign mismatch warningYanir Lubetkin
2015-06-03e1000e: i219 execute unit hang fix on every reset or power state transitionYanir Lubetkin
2015-06-03e1000e: i219 fix unit hang on reset and runtime D3Yanir Lubetkin
2015-05-13Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/netDavid S. Miller
2015-05-12e1000e: Add pm_qos headerDavid Ahern
2015-05-04e1000e: fix call to do_div() to use u64 argJeff Kirsher
2015-05-04e1000e: Do not allow CRC stripping to be disabled on 82579 w/ jumbo framesAlexander Duyck
2015-05-04e1000e: Cleanup handling of VLAN_HLEN as a part of max frame sizeAlexander Duyck
2015-04-13e1000e: Move pm_qos_req to e1000e adapterThomas Graf
2015-04-08e1000, e1000e: Use dma_rmb instead of rmb for descriptor read orderingAlexander Duyck
2015-03-31ptp: e1000e: use helpers for converting ns to timespec.Richard Cochran
2015-03-31Merge branch 'ptp-2038'David S. Miller
2015-03-31ptp: e1000e: convert to the 64 bit get/set time methods.Richard Cochran
2015-03-20e1000e: NVM write protect access removed from SPT HWYanir Lubetkin
2015-03-20e1000e: call netif_carrier_off early on downEliezer Tamir
2015-03-06e1000e: remove calls to ioremap/unmap for NVM addrYanir Lubetkin
2015-03-06e1000e: fix obscure commentsYanir Lubetkin
2015-02-23e1000e: initial support for i219David Ertman
2015-01-22net: e1000e: support txtd update delay via xmit_moreFlorian Westphal
2015-01-22e1000e: Fix 82572EI that has no hardware timestamp supportMathias Koehrer
2015-01-13net: rename vlan_tx_* helpers since "tx" is misleading thereJiri Pirko
2015-01-02e1000e: convert to CYCLECOUNTER_MASK macro.Richard Cochran
2014-12-31e1000e: Include clocksource.h to get CLOCKSOURCE_MASK.David S. Miller
2014-12-30net: e1000e: convert to timecounter adjtime.Richard Cochran
2014-12-30time: move the timecounter/cyclecounter code into its own file.Richard Cochran
2014-12-11Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net-nextLinus Torvalds
2014-12-10ethernet/intel: Use napi_alloc_skbAlexander Duyck