path: root/drivers/net/ethernet/intel/e1000e/phy.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-06-03e1000e: Bump the version to 3.2.5Yanir Lubetkin
2014-04-23e1000e: Cleanup to fix checkpatch missing blank linesDavid Ertman
2014-03-07e1000e: Cleanup - Update GPL header and CopyrightDavid Ertman
2013-12-17e1000e: fix compiler warningsDavid Ertman
2013-05-21e1000e: cleanup whitespaceBruce Allan
2013-03-28e1000e: fix scheduling while atomic bugsBruce Allan
2013-03-27e1000e: additional error handling on PHY register accessesBruce Allan
2013-03-08e1000e: cleanup USLEEP_RANGE checkpatch checksBruce Allan
2013-03-08e1000e: cleanup unnecessary line breaksBruce Allan
2013-03-08e1000e: cleanup formatting of static structsBruce Allan
2013-03-08e1000e: cleanup (add/remove) blank lines where appropriateBruce Allan
2013-03-08e1000e: cleanup SPACING checkpatch checksBruce Allan
2013-03-08e1000e: cleanup PARENTHESIS_ALIGNMENT checkpatch checksBruce Allan
2013-03-08e1000e: cleanup LEADING_SPACE checkpatch warningsBruce Allan
2013-03-08e1000e: cleanup SPACING checkpatch errors and warningsBruce Allan
2013-03-08e1000e: cleanup CODE_INDENT checkpatch errorsBruce Allan
2013-02-05e1000e: cleanup checkpatch braces checksBruce Allan
2013-02-04e1000e: cosmetic move of #defines and function prototypes to the new phy.hBruce Allan
2013-02-04e1000e: cosmetic move of #defines and prototypes to the new ich8lan.hBruce Allan
2013-01-31e1000e: use generic IEEE MII definitionsBruce Allan
2013-01-31e1000e: resolve -Wunused-parameter compile warningsBruce Allan
2013-01-31e1000e: cleanup: group OR'ed bit settings with parensBruce Allan
2013-01-27e1000e: cleanup: remove e1000e_commit_phy()Bruce Allan
2013-01-27e1000e: cleanup: remove e1000_get_cable_length()Bruce Allan
2013-01-27e1000e: cleanup: remove e1000_get_phy_cfg_done()Bruce Allan
2013-01-27e1000e: cleanup: rename e1000_get_cfg_done()Bruce Allan
2013-01-27e1000e: cleanup: remove e1000_force_speed_duplex()Bruce Allan
2013-01-27e1000e: cleanup: remove e1000_set_d0_lplu_state()Bruce Allan
2013-01-27e1000e: cleanup: do not assign a variable a value when not necessaryBruce Allan
2013-01-27e1000e: do not ignore variables which get set a valueBruce Allan
2013-01-27e1000e: cleanup: remove unnecessary function prototypesBruce Allan
2013-01-27e1000e: update copyright dateBruce Allan
2012-12-01e1000e: cosmetic cleanup of commentsBruce Allan
2012-08-21e1000e: implement 82577/579 MDI setting supportBruce W Allan
2012-06-05e1000e: test for valid check_reset_block function pointerBruce Allan
2012-05-05e1000e: enable forced master/slave on 82577Bruce Allan
2012-05-04e1000e: initial support for i217Bruce Allan
2012-05-03e1000e: Resolve intermittent negotiation issue on 82574/82583.Matthew Vick
2012-04-14e1000e: cleanup boolean logicBruce Allan
2012-02-29e1000e: use msleep instead of mdelayBruce Allan
2012-02-29e1000e: cleanup whitespace and indentationBruce Allan
2012-02-24e1000e: rename e1000e_config_collision_dist() and call as function pointerBruce Allan
2012-02-24e1000e: cleanup use of check_reset_block function pointerBruce Allan
2012-02-13e1000e: cleanup goto statements to exit points without common workBruce Allan
2012-02-13e1000e: cleanup: remove unnecessary test and returnBruce Allan
2012-02-13e1000e: cleanup: always return 0Bruce Allan
2012-02-13e1000e: cleanup: remove unnecessary assignments just before returningBruce Allan
2012-02-13e1000e: cleanup: rename goto labels to be more meaningfulBruce Allan
2012-02-10e1000e: replace '1' with 'true' for boolean get_link_statusBruce Allan
2012-02-10e1000e: remove unnecessary parenthesesBruce Allan