path: root/drivers/lightnvm
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-09-24lightnvm: put bio before returnWenwei Tao
2016-09-15lightnvm: fix locking and mempool in rrpc_lun_gcWenwei Tao
2016-09-15lightnvm: unlock rq and free ppa_list on submission failWenwei Tao
2016-09-15lightnvm: add check after mempool allocationJavier Gonzalez
2016-09-15lightnvm: fix incorrect nr_free_blocks statChao Yu
2016-09-15lightnvm: fix bio submission issueWenwei Tao
2015-12-29lightnvm: wrong offset in bad blk lun calculationMatias Bjørling
2015-12-07lightnvm: do not compile in debugging by defaultMatias Bjørling
2015-12-07lightnvm: prevent gennvm module unload on useMatias Bjørling
2015-12-07lightnvm: fix media mgr registrationMatias Bjørling
2015-12-07lightnvm: replace req queue with nvmdev for lldMatias Bjørling
2015-12-07lightnvm: refactor spin_unlock in gennvm_get_blkWenwei Tao
2015-12-07lightnvm: put blks when luns configure failedWenwei Tao
2015-12-07lightnvm: use flags in rrpc_get_blkWenwei Tao
2015-11-29lightnvm: missing nvm_lock acquireWenwei Tao
2015-11-29lightnvm: unconverted ppa returned in get_bb_tblMatias Bjørling
2015-11-29lightnvm: do device max sectors boundary check firstWenwei Tao
2015-11-29lightnvm: fix ioctl memory leaksSudip Mukherjee
2015-11-29lightnvm: free memory when gennvm register failsWenwei Tao
2015-11-20lightnvm: add free and bad lun info to show lunsJavier Gonzalez
2015-11-20lightnvm: keep track of block countsJavier Gonzalez
2015-11-20lightnvm: missing free on init errorMatias Bjørling
2015-11-20lightnvm: wrong return value and redundant freeWenwei Tao
2015-11-16lightnvm: cleanup queue before target removalJavier González
2015-11-16lightnvm: remove linear and device addr modesMatias Bjørling
2015-11-16lightnvm: prevent double free on init errorMatias Bjørling
2015-11-16lightnvm: prematurely activate nvm_devMatias Bjørling
2015-11-16lightnvm: check for NAND flash and its typeMatias Bjørling
2015-11-16lightnvm: update bad block table formatMatias Bjørling
2015-11-07block: change ->make_request_fn() and users to return a queue cookieJens Axboe
2015-11-03lightnvm: refactor phys addrs type to u64Matias Bjørling
2015-10-29rrpc: Round-robin sector target with cost-based gcMatias Bjørling
2015-10-29gennvm: Generic NVM managerMatias Bjørling
2015-10-29lightnvm: Support for Open-Channel SSDsMatias Bjørling