path: root/drivers/leds
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-06-07leds: leds-pwm: properly clean up after probe failureRussell King
2013-09-26leds: wm831x-status: Request a REG resourceMark Brown
2013-05-24drivers/leds/leds-ot200.c: fix error caused by shifted maskChristian Gmeiner
2013-05-21leds: leds-gpio: reserve gpio before using itTimo Teräs
2013-05-09Merge tag 'gpio-for-linus' of git://git.secretlab.ca/git/linuxLinus Torvalds
2013-04-16Convert selectors of GENERIC_GPIO to GPIOLIBAlexandre Courbot
2013-04-01leds: leds-asic3: switch to using SIMPLE_DEV_PM_OPSJingoo Han
2013-04-01leds: leds-bd2802: add CONFIG_PM_SLEEP to suspend/resume functionsJingoo Han
2013-04-01leds: lp55xx: configure the clock detectionKim, Milo
2013-04-01leds: lp55xx: use common clock framework when external clock is usedKim, Milo
2013-04-01leds: leds-ns2: fix oops at module removalSimon Guinot
2013-04-01leds: leds-pwm: Defer led_pwm_set() if PWM can sleepFlorian Vaussard
2013-04-01leds: lp55xx: fix the sysfs read operationKim, Milo
2013-04-01leds: lm355x, lm3642: support camera LED triggers for flash and torchKim, Milo
2013-04-01leds: add camera LED triggersKim, Milo
2013-04-01leds: tca6507: Use of_match_ptr() macroSachin Kamat
2013-04-01leds: wm8350: Complain if we fail to reenable DCDCMark Brown
2013-04-01leds: renesas: set gpio_request_one() flags param correctlyJingoo Han
2013-04-01leds: leds-ns2: set devm_gpio_request_one() flags param correctlyJingoo Han
2013-04-01leds: leds-lt3593: set devm_gpio_request_one() flags param correctlyJingoo Han
2013-04-01leds: leds-bd2802: remove erroneous __exit annotationJingoo Han
2013-04-01leds: atmel-pwm: remove erroneous __exit annotationJingoo Han
2013-04-01leds: move LED trigger drivers into new subdirectoryKim, Milo
2013-04-01leds: add new LP5562 LED driverKim, Milo
2013-02-26Merge branch 'for-next' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/cool...Linus Torvalds
2013-02-06leds: leds-sunfire: use dev_err()/pr_err() instead of printk()Jingoo Han
2013-02-06leds: 88pm860x: Add missing of_node_put()Axel Lin
2013-02-06leds: tca6507: Use of_get_child_count()Axel Lin
2013-02-06leds: leds-pwm: make it depend on PWM and not HAVE_PWMPeter Ujfalusi
2013-02-06leds-lp55xx: fix problem on removing LED attributesMilo(Woogyom) Kim
2013-02-06leds-lp5521/5523: add author and copyright descriptionMilo(Woogyom) Kim
2013-02-06leds-lp55xx: clean up headersMilo(Woogyom) Kim
2013-02-06leds-lp55xx: clean up definitionsMilo(Woogyom) Kim
2013-02-06leds-lp55xx: clean up unused data and functionsMilo(Woogyom) Kim
2013-02-06leds-lp55xx: clean up _remove()Milo(Woogyom) Kim
2013-02-06leds-lp55xx: add new function for removing device attribtuesMilo(Woogyom) Kim
2013-02-06leds-lp55xx: code refactoring on selftest functionMilo(Woogyom) Kim
2013-02-06leds-lp55xx: use common device attribute driver functionMilo(Woogyom) Kim
2013-02-06leds-lp55xx: support device specific attributesMilo(Woogyom) Kim
2013-02-06leds-lp5523: use generic firmware interfaceMilo(Woogyom) Kim
2013-02-06leds-lp5521: use generic firmware interfaceMilo(Woogyom) Kim
2013-02-06leds-lp55xx: support firmware interfaceMilo(Woogyom) Kim
2013-02-06leds-lp55xx: add new lp55xx_register_sysfs() for the firmware interfaceMilo(Woogyom) Kim
2013-02-06leds-lp55xx: fix error condition in lp55xx_register_leds()Milo(Woogyom) Kim
2013-02-06leds-lp55xx: use lp55xx_unregister_leds()Milo(Woogyom) Kim
2013-02-06leds-lp55xx: provide common LED current settingMilo(Woogyom) Kim
2013-02-06leds-lp55xx: use lp55xx_set_brightness()Milo(Woogyom) Kim
2013-02-06leds-lp55xx: use lp55xx_init_led() common functionMilo(Woogyom) Kim
2013-02-06leds-lp55xx: use lp55xx common led registration functionMilo(Woogyom) Kim
2013-02-06leds-lp55xx: use lp55xx common deinit functionMilo(Woogyom) Kim