path: root/drivers/leds/leds-h1940.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-05-18[ARM] S3C24XX: GPIO: Move gpio functions out of <mach/hardware.h>Ben Dooks
2009-04-06leds: move h1940-leds's probe function to .devinit.textUwe Kleine-König
2008-08-07[ARM] Move include/asm-arm/arch-* to arch/arm/*/include/machRussell King
2008-08-07[ARM] Remove asm/hardware.h, use asm/arch/hardware.h insteadRussell King
2008-07-23leds: Fix sparse warnings in leds-h1940 driverBen Dooks
2008-04-24leds: Cleanup various whitespace and code style issuesNémeth Márton
2008-04-15leds: fix platform driver hotplug/coldplugKay Sievers
2007-05-09fix file specification in commentsUwe Kleine-König
2007-02-15leds: Add IPAQ h1940 LEDs supportArnaud Patard