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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-03-15IB/srp: Fix race conditions related to task managementBart Van Assche
2017-03-15IB/srp: Avoid that duplicate responses trigger a kernel bugBart Van Assche
2017-03-15IB/IPoIB: Add destination address when re-queue packetErez Shitrit
2017-03-15IB/ipoib: Fix deadlock between rmmod and set_modeFeras Daoud
2017-03-12rdma_cm: fail iwarp accepts w/o connection paramsSteve Wise
2017-02-01IB/umem: Release pid in error and ODP flowKenneth Lee
2017-02-01IB/ipoib: move back IB LL address into the hard headerPaolo Abeni
2017-02-01RDMA/cma: Fix unknown symbol when CONFIG_IPV6 is not enabledJack Morgenstein
2017-01-26IB/IPoIB: Remove can't use GFP_NOIO warningKamal Heib
2017-01-26IB/mlx4: When no DMFS for IPoIB, don't allow NET_IF QPsEran Ben Elisha
2017-01-26IB/mlx4: Fix port query for 56Gb Ethernet linksSaeed Mahameed
2017-01-26IB/mlx4: Fix out-of-range array index in destroy qp flowJack Morgenstein
2017-01-26IB/mlx4: Set traffic class in AHMaor Gottlieb
2017-01-26IB/mlx5: Wait for all async command completions to completeEli Cohen
2017-01-09IB/multicast: Check ib_find_pkey() return valueBart Van Assche
2017-01-09IPoIB: Avoid reading an uninitialized member variableBart Van Assche
2017-01-09IB/mad: Fix an array index checkBart Van Assche
2016-11-26IB/cm: Mark stale CM id's whenever the mad agent was unregisteredMark Bloch
2016-11-26IB/uverbs: Fix leak of XRC target QPsTariq Toukan
2016-11-26IB/core: Avoid unsigned int overflow in sg_alloc_tableMark Bloch
2016-11-26IB/mlx5: Fix fatal error dispatchingEli Cohen
2016-11-26IB/mlx5: Use cache line size to select CQE strideDaniel Jurgens
2016-11-26IB/mlx4: Fix create CQ error flowMatan Barak
2016-11-26IB/mlx4: Check gid_index return valueDaniel Jurgens
2016-10-07IB/mlx4: Use correct subnet-prefix in QP1 mads under SR-IOVJack Morgenstein
2016-10-07IB/mlx4: Fix code indentation in QP1 MAD flowJack Morgenstein
2016-10-07IB/mlx4: Fix incorrect MC join state bit-masking on SR-IOVAlex Vesker
2016-10-07IB/ipoib: Don't allow MC joins during light MC flushAlex Vesker
2016-10-07IB/core: Fix use after free in send_leave functionErez Shitrit
2016-10-07IB/ipoib: Fix memory corruption in ipoib cm mode connect flowErez Shitrit
2016-09-24IB/uverbs: Fix race between uverbs_close and remove_oneJason Gunthorpe
2016-09-15IB/IPoIB: Do not set skb truesize since using one linearskbCarol L Soto
2016-08-20IB/mlx4: Fix memory leak if QP creation failedDotan Barak
2016-08-20IB/mlx4: Fix error flow when sending mads under SRIOVYishai Hadas
2016-08-20IB/mlx4: Fix the SQ size of an RC QPYishai Hadas
2016-08-20IB/IWPM: Fix a potential skb leakMark Bloch
2016-08-20IB/IPoIB: Don't update neigh validity for unresolved entriesErez Shitrit
2016-08-20IB/SA: Use correct free functionMark Bloch
2016-08-20IB/mlx5: Return PORT_ERR in Active to Initializing tranisitionNoa Osherovich
2016-08-20IB/mlx5: Fix post send fence logicEli Cohen
2016-08-20IB/mlx5: Fix entries check in mlx5_ib_resize_cqNoa Osherovich
2016-08-20IB/mlx5: Fix returned values of query QPNoa Osherovich
2016-08-20IB/mlx5: Fix entries checks in mlx5_ib_create_cqNoa Osherovich
2016-07-27IB/mlx4: Properly initialize GRH TClass and FlowLabel in AHsJason Gunthorpe
2016-07-27IB/cm: Fix a recently introduced locking bugBart Van Assche
2016-06-01IB/srp: Fix a debug kernel crashBart Van Assche
2016-05-18net/mlx5e: Device's mtu field is u16 and not intSaeed Mahameed
2016-05-11RDMA/iw_cxgb4: Fix bar2 virt addr calculation for T4 chipsHariprasad S
2016-05-04IB/security: Restrict use of the write() interfaceJason Gunthorpe
2016-05-04IB/mlx5: Expose correct max_sge_rd limitSagi Grimberg