path: root/drivers/gpu/drm/nouveau/nvkm/engine/pm
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm: convert to new-style nvkm_engineBen Skeggs
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm: convert user classes to new-style nvkm_objectBen Skeggs
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/device: convert user class to new-style nvkm_objectBen Skeggs
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/client: convert to new-style nvkm_objectBen Skeggs
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/device: prepare for new-style subdevsBen Skeggs
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/engine: rename some functions to avoid upcoming conflictsBen Skeggs
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/object: rename some functions to avoid upcoming conflictsBen Skeggs
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/device: decouple from engine machineryBen Skeggs
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/core: remove last printksBen Skeggs
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm: switch to subdev printk macrosBen Skeggs
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm: switch to device pri macrosBen Skeggs
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm: cosmetic changesBen Skeggs
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/device: include core/device.h automatically for subdevs/enginesBen Skeggs
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm/gf100: only use PBFB_BROADCAST.PM_UNK100 for PBFB signalsSamuel Pitoiset
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm/gf100: remove multiple definitions of GPC_DOM signal 0x0eSamuel Pitoiset
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm/gf100: remove undefined TEX.PM_UNKC8 muxSamuel Pitoiset
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm: allow zeroed signals to enable sourcesSamuel Pitoiset
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm/nv50: TPC[0x3] must be used for PGRAPH muxs on G80Samuel Pitoiset
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm/nv50: fix wrong addr for ZCULL source on G80:GT215Samuel Pitoiset
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm/gk104: add compute signals/sourcesSamuel Pitoiset
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm/gk104: re-use gf100_pm_ctor()Samuel Pitoiset
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm/nv40: rename pcounter domains to 'pc' instead of 'pm'Samuel Pitoiset
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm: expose name of domainsSamuel Pitoiset
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm: some fixes related to sourcesSamuel Pitoiset
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm: fix signals/sources for GT200+Samuel Pitoiset
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm/gf100: add compute signals/sourcesSamuel Pitoiset
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm/gf100: allow to share GPC, HUB and PART domainsSamuel Pitoiset
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm: stack perfdom class under perfmonBen Skeggs
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm: swap perfmon/perfdom code to avoid forward decl in next commitBen Skeggs
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm/nv50: add compute and graphics signals/sourcesSamuel Pitoiset
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm: allow the userspace to configure sourcesSamuel Pitoiset
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm: allow to configure domains instead of simple countersSamuel Pitoiset
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm: allow the userspace to schedule hardware countersSamuel Pitoiset
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm: implement NVIF_PERFMON_V0_QUERY_SOURCE methodSamuel Pitoiset
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm: allow to query the number of sources for a signalSamuel Pitoiset
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm: add concept of sourcesSamuel Pitoiset
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm: allow to monitor hardware signal index 0x00Samuel Pitoiset
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm: use hardware signals indexes instead of user-readable namesSamuel Pitoiset
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm: change signal iter to u16Samuel Pitoiset
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm: allow to query signals by domainSamuel Pitoiset
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm: implement NVIF_PERFMON_V0_QUERY_DOMAIN methodSamuel Pitoiset
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm: prevent creating a perfctr object when signals are not foundSamuel Pitoiset
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm: reorganize the nvif interfaceSamuel Pitoiset
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm: remove unused nvkm_perfsig_wrap() functionSamuel Pitoiset
2015-08-28drm/nouveau/pm: remove pmu signalsSamuel Pitoiset
2015-07-27drm/nouveau/pm: fix a potential race condition when creating an engine contextSamuel Pitoiset
2015-07-27drm/nouveau/pm: prevent freeing the wrong engine contextSamuel Pitoiset
2015-01-22drm/nouveau/pm: namespace + nvidia gpu names (no binary change)Ben Skeggs
2015-01-22drm/nouveau/pm: rename from perfmon (no binary change)Ben Skeggs