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2015-02-21Merge branch 'lsk/v3.14/topic/of' into linux-linaro-lsk-v3.14lsk-v3.14-15.02lsk-v3.14-14.02Mark Brown
2015-02-20of/reconfig: Always use the same structure for notifiersGrant Likely
2015-02-19of: Reorder device tree changes and notifiersGrant Likely
2015-01-29crypto: prefix module autoloading with "crypto-"Kees Cook
2014-11-21crypto: caam - remove duplicated sg copy functionsCristian Stoica
2014-11-21crypto: caam - fix missing dma unmap on error pathCristian Stoica
2014-10-15crypto: caam - fix addressing of struct memberCristian Stoica
2014-09-05crypto: ux500 - make interrupt mode plausibleArnd Bergmann
2014-07-17crypto: caam - fix memleak in caam_jr moduleCristian Stoica
2014-06-07crypto: caam - add allocation failure handling in SPRINTFCAT macroHoria Geanta
2014-02-11crypto/nx/nx-842: Fix handling of vmalloc addressesNathan Fontenot
2014-01-23Merge tag 'drivers-for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/gi...Linus Torvalds
2014-01-23Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/herbert/crypto-2.6Linus Torvalds
2014-01-15crypto: mxs - Fix sparse non static symbol warningWei Yongjun
2014-01-15crypto: ccp - CCP device enabled/disabled changesTom Lendacky
2014-01-15crypto: ccp - Cleanup hash invocation callsTom Lendacky
2014-01-15crypto: ccp - Change data length declarations to u64Tom Lendacky
2014-01-15crypto: ccp - Check for caller result area before using itTom Lendacky
2014-01-15crypto: ccp - Cleanup scatterlist usageTom Lendacky
2014-01-15crypto: ccp - Apply appropriate gfp_t type to memory allocationsTom Lendacky
2014-01-05crypto: drivers - Sort drivers/crypto/MakefileMarek Vasut
2014-01-05crypto: mxs - Add Freescale MXS DCP driverMarek Vasut
2014-01-05crypto: mxs - Remove the old DCP driverMarek Vasut
2014-01-02Merge tag 'davinci-for-v3.14/gpio' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kern...Olof Johansson
2014-01-01crypto: ixp4xx - Fix kernel compile errorKrzysztof HaƂasa
2013-12-30crypto: talitos - Remove redundant dev_set_drvdataSachin Kamat
2013-12-30crypto: ccp - Remove redundant dev_set_drvdataSachin Kamat
2013-12-30crypto: crypto4xx - Remove redundant dev_set_drvdataSachin Kamat
2013-12-22Merge tag 'at91-drivers' of git://github.com/at91linux/linux-at91 into next/d...Olof Johansson
2013-12-20crypto: caam - simplify and harden key parsingHoria Geanta
2013-12-20crypto: omap-sham - Fix Polling mode for larger blocksLokesh Vutla
2013-12-20crypto: ccp - Remove user triggerable pr_err callsTom Lendacky
2013-12-20crypto: ccp - CCP Kconfig fixesTom Lendacky
2013-12-20crypto: ccp - Fix sparse warnings in ccp-crypto-sha.cTom Lendacky
2013-12-12crypto: atmel-sha - add sha information to the logNicolas Ferre
2013-12-12crypto: atmel-sha - add support for Device TreeNicolas Ferre
2013-12-12crypto: atmel-tdes - add support for Device TreeNicolas Ferre
2013-12-12crypto: atmel-aes - add support for Device TreeNicolas Ferre
2013-12-09crytpo: ccp - fix coccinelle warningsFengguang Wu
2013-12-05crypto: omap-aes - add error check for pm_runtime_get_syncNishanth Menon
2013-12-05crypto: talitos - fix locating offending descriptor in error pathHoria Geanta
2013-12-05crypto: omap-sham - Only release DMA channel if successfully requestedMark A. Greer
2013-12-05crytpo: ccp - CCP device driver build filesTom Lendacky
2013-12-05crypto: ccp - CCP SHA crypto API supportTom Lendacky
2013-12-05crypto: ccp - CCP XTS-AES crypto API supportTom Lendacky
2013-12-05crypto: ccp - CCP AES CMAC mode crypto API supportTom Lendacky
2013-12-05crypto: ccp - CCP AES crypto API supportTom Lendacky
2013-12-05crypto: ccp - crypto API interface to the CCP device driverTom Lendacky
2013-12-05crypto: ccp - CCP device driver and interface supportTom Lendacky
2013-11-28crypto: talitos - fix aead sglen for case 'dst != src'Horia Geanta