path: root/drivers/crypto/caam/intern.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-10-30crypto: caam - Modify the interface layers to use JR API'sRuchika Gupta
2013-10-30crypto: caam - Add API's to allocate/free Job RingsRuchika Gupta
2013-10-30crypto: caam - Add Platform driver for Job RingRuchika Gupta
2013-09-13crypto: caam - enable instantiation of all RNG4 state handlesAlex Porosanu
2013-09-13crypto: caam - uninstantiate RNG state handle 0 if instantiated by caam driverAlex Porosanu
2013-08-01crypto: caam - Remove unused functions from Job RingRuchika Gupta
2013-04-25crypto: caam - fix job ring cleanup codeVakul Garg
2012-06-27crypto: caam - one tasklet per job ringKim Phillips
2012-06-27crypto: caam - ahash hmac supportYuan Kang
2012-06-27crypto: caam - remove jr register/deregisterYuan Kang
2011-03-27crypto: caam - Add support for the Freescale SEC4/CAAMKim Phillips