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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-05-19n_tty: Fix n_tty_write crash when echoing in raw modePeter Hurley
2013-06-10drivers/char/ipmi: memcpy, need additional 2 bytes to avoid memory overflowChen Gang
2012-10-07random: Add comment to random_initialize()Tony Luck
2012-10-07random: remove rand_initialize_irq()Theodore Ts'o
2012-10-07random: mix in architectural randomness in extract_buf()H. Peter Anvin
2012-10-07random: add new get_random_bytes_arch() functionTheodore Ts'o
2012-10-07random: use the arch-specific rng in xfer_secondary_poolTheodore Ts'o
2012-10-07random: create add_device_randomness() interfaceLinus Torvalds
2012-10-07random: use lockless techniques in the interrupt pathTheodore Ts'o
2012-10-07random: make 'add_interrupt_randomness()' do something saneTheodore Ts'o
2012-10-07drivers/char/random.c: fix boot id uniqueness raceMathieu Desnoyers
2012-10-07random: Adjust the number of loops when initializingH. Peter Anvin
2012-10-07random: Use arch-specific RNG to initialize the entropy storeTheodore Ts'o
2012-10-07random: Use arch_get_random_int instead of cycle counter if availLinus Torvalds
2012-10-07fix typo/thinko in get_random_bytes()Luck, Tony
2012-10-07random: Add support for architectural random hooksH. Peter Anvin
2012-10-07random: simplify fips modeMatt Mackall
2012-10-07random: update interface comments to reflect realityJarod Wilson
2012-10-07random: Reorder struct entropy_store to remove padding on 64bitsRichard Kennedy
2012-10-07tty_audit: fix tty_audit_add_data live lock on audit disabledXiaotian Feng
2011-11-26tty: icount changeover for other main devicesAlan Cox
2011-11-26tty: Make tiocgicount a handlerAlan Cox
2011-11-07TPM: Zero buffer after copying to userspacePeter Huewe
2011-11-07TPM: Call tpm_transmit with correct sizePeter Huewe
2011-11-07hvc_console: Improve tty/console put_chars handlingHendrik Brueckner
2011-08-15net: Compute protocol sequence numbers and fragment IDs using MD5.David S. Miller
2011-07-13TTY: ldisc, do not close until there are readersJiri Slaby
2011-06-23i8k: Avoid lahf in 64-bit codeLuca Tettamanti
2011-05-09Fix gcc 4.5.1 miscompiling drivers/char/i8k.c (again)Jim Bos
2011-05-09i8k: Tell gcc that *regs gets clobberedJim Bos
2011-05-09agp: fix OOM and buffer overflowVasiliy Kulikov
2011-05-09agp: fix arbitrary kernel memory writesVasiliy Kulikov
2011-04-14char/tpm: Fix unitialized usage of data bufferPeter Huewe
2011-02-17tpm_tis: Use timeouts returned from TPMStefan Berger
2011-02-17TPM: Long default timeout fixRajiv Andrade
2011-02-17hvc_iucv: allocate memory buffers for IUCV in zone DMAHendrik Brueckner
2011-01-07hvc_console: Fix race between hvc_close and hvc_remove, againAnton Blanchard
2011-01-07hvc_console: Fix race between hvc_close and hvc_removeAmit Shah
2011-01-07TTY: Fix error return from tty_ldisc_open()Ben Hutchings
2010-12-09TTY: ldisc, fix open flag handlingJiri Slaby
2010-12-09tty_ldisc: Fix BUG() on hangupPhilippe R├ętornaz
2010-12-09TTY: restore tty_ldisc_wait_idleJiri Slaby
2010-12-09tty: prevent DOS in the flush_to_ldiscJiri Olsa
2010-12-09drivers/char/vt_ioctl.c: fix VT_OPENQRY error valueGraham Gower
2010-12-09hpet: unmap unused I/O spaceJiri Slaby
2010-12-09hpet: fix unwanted interrupt due to stale irq status bitClemens Ladisch
2010-11-22pcmcia: synclink_cs: fix information leak to userlandVasiliy Kulikov
2010-09-26sis-agp: Remove SIS 760, handled by amd64-agpBen Hutchings
2010-09-26char: Mark /dev/zero and /dev/kmem as not capable of writebackJan Kara
2010-08-13nvram: Fix write beyond end condition; prove to gcc copy is safeH. Peter Anvin