path: root/drivers/bluetooth/hci_ll.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-09-18Bluetooth: hci_ll.c: removes unnecessary semicolonPeter Senna Tschudin
2012-06-05Bluetooth: Remove 'register' usage from the subsystemGustavo Padovan
2012-02-13Bluetooth: hci-uart-ll: Use GFP_ATOMIC in open()David Herrmann
2011-03-31Fix common misspellingsLucas De Marchi
2010-07-27Bluetooth: Add __init and __exit marks to UART driversGustavo F. Padovan
2010-07-21Bluetooth: Use __packed annotation for driversGustavo F. Padovan
2010-05-10Bluetooth: Use the proper function cast to get hdr dataGustavo F. Padovan
2010-05-10Bluetooth: Fix return value when bt_skb_alloc failsGustavo F. Padovan
2009-02-27Bluetooth: Remove some pointless conditionals before kfree_skb()Wei Yongjun
2008-01-10[BLUETOOTH]: Always send explicit hci_ll wake-up acks.Ohad Ben-Cohen
2007-10-22[Bluetooth] Add UART driver for Texas Instruments' BRF63xx chipsOhad Ben-Cohen