path: root/drivers/acpi/acpica/tbutils.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-05-17ACPICA: Utilities: Cleanup to convert physical address printing formats.Lv Zheng
2014-06-07ACPICA: Tables: Fix invalid pointer accesses in acpi_tb_parse_root_table().Lv Zheng
2014-01-08ACPICA: Cleanup the option of forcing the use of the RSDT.Lv Zheng
2014-01-08ACPICA: Back port and refine validation of the XSDT root table.Lv Zheng
2013-10-31ACPICA: Add __init for ACPICA initializers/finalizers.Lv Zheng
2013-10-31ACPICA: Linuxize: Change indentation of C labels.Lv Zheng
2013-06-16ACPICA: Split table print utilities to a new a separate fileBob Moore
2013-01-25ACPICA: Update ACPICA copyrights to 2013Bob Moore
2013-01-10ACPICA: Cleanup coding style to reduce differences between Linux and ACPICA.Lv Zheng
2012-11-15ACPICA: Audit/update for ACPICA return macros and debug depth counterBob Moore
2012-07-17ACPICA: AcpiSrc: Fix some translation issues for Linux conversionBob Moore
2012-07-17ACPICA: Table manager: deploy new firmware error/warning interfacesBob Moore
2012-03-22ACPICA: Add acpi_os_physical_table_override interfaceBob Moore
2012-03-22ACPICA: Support for custom ACPICA build for ACPI 5 reduced hardwareBob Moore
2012-01-17ACPICA: Update all copyrights to 2012Bob Moore
2012-01-17ACPI 5.0: Implement hardware-reduced optionBob Moore
2011-01-18ACPICA: Update all ACPICA copyrights and signons to 2011Bob Moore
2010-05-06ACPICA: Clarify/rename some root table descriptor fieldsBob Moore
2010-04-20ACPI: add boot option acpi=copy_dsdt to fix corrupt DSDTLin Ming
2010-04-20ACPICA: Update DSDT copy/detection.Bob Moore
2010-04-20ACPICA: Add subsystem option to force copy of DSDT to local memoryLin Ming
2010-04-20ACPICA: Add detection of corrupted/replaced DSDTLin Ming
2010-04-20ACPICA: Standardize integer output for ACPICA warnings/errorsBob Moore
2010-01-22ACPICA: Update all ACPICA copyrights and signons to 2010Bob Moore
2009-08-27ACPICA: Dump table header - suppress output of non-printable charactersBob Moore
2009-03-26ACPICA: Update table header print functionBob Moore
2009-03-26ACPICA: Formatting update - no functional changesBob Moore
2009-03-26ACPICA: Remove extraneous parameter in table managerBob Moore
2009-03-26ACPICA: Allow OS override of all ACPI tablesBob Moore
2009-02-07ACPICA: Fix table entry truncation calculationMyron Stowe
2009-01-09Merge branch 'misc' into releaseLen Brown
2009-01-09ACPICA: hide private headersLen Brown
2009-01-09ACPICA: create acpica/ directoryLen Brown