path: root/drivers/acpi/acpica/Makefile
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-10-22ACPI: Enable build of AML interpreter debuggerLv Zheng
2015-10-22ACPICA: Remove unnecessary conditional compilationBob Moore
2015-07-23ACPICA: Cleanup use of all non-ANSI local C library functionsBob Moore
2015-07-23ACPICA: Dispatcher: Move stack traversal code to dispatcherLv Zheng
2014-08-05Merge branch 'acpica'Rafael J. Wysocki
2014-07-31ACPICA: acpihelp: Add UUID support, restructure some existing files.Bob Moore
2014-07-27Merge branch 'acpi-headers'Rafael J. Wysocki
2014-07-23ACPI: Add support to force header inclusion rules for <acpi/acpi.h>.Lv Zheng
2014-07-08ACPICA: Utilities: Add formatted printing APIsLv Zheng
2014-07-08ACPICA: Utilities: Add support to read table from filesLv Zheng
2014-04-20ACPICA: Table Manager: Split tbinstal.c into two files.Bob Moore
2014-02-11ACPICA: Update the conditions to enable the utility resource dump strings.Lv Zheng
2013-06-16ACPICA: Split table print utilities to a new a separate fileBob Moore
2013-06-16ACPICA: Split internal error msg routines to a separate fileBob Moore
2013-06-16ACPICA: Split buffer dump routines into separate fileBob Moore
2013-06-01ACPICA: Add argument typechecking for all predefined ACPI namesBob Moore
2013-04-12ACPICA: Predefine names: Add allowed argument types to master info tableBob Moore
2013-03-12ACPICA: Split object conversion functions to a new fileBob Moore
2013-01-11ACPICA: Source restructuring: split large files into 8 new files.Bob Moore
2013-01-03ACPICA: Remove useless mini-C library.Lv Zheng
2012-11-15ACPICA: Fix unmerged utility divergences.Lv Zheng
2012-09-21ACPICA: Split ACPICA initialization functions to new file, utxfinit.cBob Moore
2012-07-17ACPICA: Split file: tbxface.c -> tbxfload.cBob Moore
2012-07-17ACPICA: Split exception code utilities to a new file, utexcep.cBob Moore
2012-03-22ACPICA: Split sleep/wake functions into two filesBob Moore
2012-03-22ACPICA: ACPI 5: Support for new FADT SleepStatus, SleepControl registersBob Moore
2012-01-17ACPICA: Add support for region address conflict checkingLin Ming
2012-01-17ACPICA: Clean up MakefileLin Ming
2012-01-17ACPI 5.0: Support for all new resource descriptorsLin Ming
2012-01-17ACPI 5.0: New interfaces to allow driver access to AML mutex objectsLin Ming
2011-05-09ACPICA: Split all internal Global Lock functions to new file - evglockBob Moore
2011-03-02ACPICA: Split large dsopcode and dsload.c files.Bob Moore
2011-03-02ACPICA: Split large utglobal into utdecode.c.Bob Moore
2011-01-12ACPICA: Move GPE functions to new file evxfgpe.cLin Ming
2010-10-01ACPICA: iASL/Disassembler: Write ACPI errors to stderr instead of output fileBob Moore
2010-10-01ACPICA: Obsolete the acpi_os_derive_pci_id OSL interfaceBob Moore
2010-10-01ACPICA/ACPI: Add new host interfaces for _OSI supportLin Ming
2010-05-06ACPICA: Split large file, evgpeblkBob Moore
2010-04-20ACPICA: Enhance configuration for output of AML Debug ObjectLin Ming
2009-11-24ACPICA: Add repair for predefined methods that must return sorted listsBob Moore
2009-08-28ACPICA: Move predefined repair code to new file, no functional changeBob Moore
2009-08-27ACPICA: Major update for acpi_get_object_info external interfaceBob Moore
2009-05-07ACPICA: use acpi.* modparam namespaceLen Brown
2009-03-27ACPICA: New: I/O port protectionBob Moore
2009-03-27ACPICA: Fix AcpiWalkNamespace race condition with table unloadBob Moore
2009-01-09ACPICA: create acpica/ directoryLen Brown