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2015-05-17ARM: 8307/1: psci: move psci firmware calls out of lineMark Rutland
2015-05-17ARM: ux500: Enable GPIO regulator for SD-card for snowballUlf Hansson
2015-05-17ARM: ux500: Enable GPIO regulator for SD-card for HREF boardsUlf Hansson
2015-05-17ARM: ux500: Move GPIO regulator for SD-card into board DTSsUlf Hansson
2015-05-17ARM: net fix emit_udiv() for BPF_ALU | BPF_DIV | BPF_K intruction.Nicolas Schichan
2015-05-17ARM: OMAP2+: Fix omap off idle power consumption creeping upTony Lindgren
2015-05-17ARM: mvebu: armada-xp-openblocks-ax3-4: Disable internal RTCGregory CLEMENT
2015-05-17ARM: dts: imx23-olinuxino: Fix polarity of LED GPIOFabio Estevam
2015-05-17ARM: dts: imx23-olinuxino: Fix dr_mode of usb0Stefan Wahren
2015-05-17ARM: dts: imx28: Fix AUART4 TX-DMA interrupt nameMarek Vasut
2015-05-17ARM: dts: imx6: phyFLEX: USB VBUS control is active-highPhilipp Zabel
2015-05-17ARM: dts: imx25: Add #pwm-cells to pwm4Markus Pargmann
2015-05-17ARM: dts: OMAP3-N900: Add microphone bias voltagesPavel Machek
2015-05-17x86/PCI/ACPI: Make all resources except [io 0xcf8-0xcff] available on PCI busJiang Liu
2015-05-17x86/spinlocks: Fix regression in spinlock contention detectionTahsin Erdogan
2015-05-13arm64: add missing PAGE_ALIGN() to __dma_free()Dean Nelson
2015-05-13arm64: dma-mapping: always clear allocated buffersMarek Szyprowski
2015-05-13MIPS: Makefile: Fix MIPS ASE detection codeMarkos Chandras
2015-05-13MIPS: asm: elf: Set O32 default FPU flagsMarkos Chandras
2015-05-13MIPS: BCM47XX: Fix detecting Microsoft MN-700 & Asus WL500GRafał Miłecki
2015-05-13MIPS: Kconfig: Disable SMP/CPS for 64-bitMarkos Chandras
2015-05-13MIPS: smp-cps: cpu_set FPU mask if FPU presentNiklas Cassel
2015-05-13MIPS: ralink: add missing symbol for RALINK_ILL_ACCJohn Crispin
2015-05-13MIPS: ralink: Fix bad config symbol in PCI makefile.John Crispin
2015-05-13Revert "MIPS: Avoid pipeline stalls on some MIPS32R2 cores."Ralf Baechle
2015-05-13MIPS: Octeon: Delete override of cpu_has_mips_r2_exec_hazard.Ralf Baechle
2015-05-13MIPS: Fix cpu_has_mips_r2_exec_hazard.Ralf Baechle
2015-05-13MIPS: kernel: entry.S: Set correct ISA level for mips_ihbMarkos Chandras
2015-05-13MIPS: asm: spinlock: Fix addiu instruction for R10000_LLSC_WAR caseMarkos Chandras
2015-05-13MIPS: r4kcache: Use correct base register for MIPS R6 cache flushesMarkos Chandras
2015-05-13MIPS: Kconfig: Fix typo for the r2-to-r6 emulator kernel parameterMarkos Chandras
2015-05-13MIPS: Netlogic: Fix for SATA PHY initGanesan Ramalingam
2015-05-13MIPS: OCTEON: fix PCI interrupt mapping for D-Link DSR-1000NAaro Koskinen
2015-05-13MIPS: Octeon: Remove udelay() causing huge IRQ latencyAlexander Sverdlin
2015-05-13MIPS: Fix race condition in lazy cache flushing.Lars Persson
2015-05-13Revert "MIPS: Remove race window in page fault handling"Lars Persson
2015-05-13MIPS: OCTEON: Use correct CSR to soft resetChandrakala Chavva
2015-05-13MIPS: OCTEON: dma-octeon: fix OHCI USB config checkAaro Koskinen
2015-05-13MIPS: BCM63xx: Move bcm63xx_gpio_init() to bcm63xx_register_devices().Nicolas Schichan
2015-05-06C6x: time: Ensure consistency in __initNishanth Menon
2015-05-06xtensa: ISS: fix locking in TAP network adapterMax Filippov
2015-05-06xtensa: provide __NR_sync_file_range2 instead of __NR_sync_file_rangeMax Filippov
2015-05-06xtensa: xtfpga: fix hardware lockup caused by LCD driverMax Filippov
2015-05-06powerpc/cell: Fix cell iommu after it_page_shift changesMichael Ellerman
2015-05-06powerpc/cell: Fix crash in iic_setup_cpu() after per_cpu changesMichael Ellerman
2015-05-06powerpc: Fix missing L2 cache size in /sys/devices/system/cpuDave Olson
2015-05-06powerpc/powernv: Don't map M64 segments using M32DTGavin Shan
2015-05-06arm64: errata: add workaround for cortex-a53 erratum #845719Will Deacon
2015-05-06arm64: apply alternatives for !SMP kernelsMark Rutland
2015-05-06arm64: Adjust EFI libstub object include logicSteve Capper