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2012-03-08KVM: Allow host IRQ sharing for assigned PCI 2.3 devicesJan Kiszka
2012-03-08KVM: Ensure all vcpus are consistent with in-kernel irqchip settingsAvi Kivity
2012-03-08KVM: x86 emulator: Allow PM/VM86 switch during task switchKevin Wolf
2012-03-08KVM: SVM: Fix CPL updatesKevin Wolf
2012-03-08KVM: x86 emulator: VM86 segments must have DPL 3Kevin Wolf
2012-03-08KVM: x86 emulator: Fix task switch privilege checksKevin Wolf
2012-03-08arch/powerpc/kvm/book3s_hv.c: included linux/sched.h twiceDanny Kukawka
2012-03-08KVM: x86 emulator: correctly mask pmc index bits in RDPMC instruction emulationGleb Natapov
2012-03-08KVM: Introduce kvm_memory_slot::arch and move lpage_info into itTakuya Yoshikawa
2012-03-08KVM: Introduce gfn_to_index() which returns the index for a given levelTakuya Yoshikawa
2012-03-08KVM: s390: provide control registers via kvm_runChristian Borntraeger
2012-03-08KVM: s390: add stop_on_stop flag when doing stop and storeJens Freimann
2012-03-08KVM: s390: ignore sigp stop overinitiativeJens Freimann
2012-03-08KVM: s390: make sigp restart return busy when stop pendingJens Freimann
2012-03-08KVM: s390: do store status after handling STOP_ON_STOP bitJens Freimann
2012-03-08KVM: s390: Sanitize fpc registers for KVM_SET_FPUChristian Borntraeger
2012-03-08KVM: Fix write protection race during dirty loggingTakuya Yoshikawa
2012-03-08KVM: VMX: remove yield_on_hltRaghavendra K T
2012-03-08KVM: Track TSC synchronization in generationsZachary Amsden
2012-03-08KVM: Dont mark TSC unstable due to S4 suspendZachary Amsden
2012-03-08KVM: Allow adjust_tsc_offset to be in host or guest cyclesMarcelo Tosatti
2012-03-08KVM: Add last_host_tsc tracking back to KVMZachary Amsden
2012-03-08KVM: Fix last_guest_tsc / tsc_offset semanticsZachary Amsden
2012-03-08KVM: Leave TSC synchronization window open with each new syncZachary Amsden
2012-03-08KVM: Improve TSC offset matchingZachary Amsden
2012-03-08KVM: Infrastructure for software and hardware based TSC rate scalingZachary Amsden
2012-03-05KVM: x86: increase recommended max vcpus to 160Marcelo Tosatti
2012-03-05x86: Introduce x86_cpuinit.early_percpu_clock_init hookIgor Mammedov
2012-03-05KVM: x86: reset edge sense circuit of i8259 on initGleb Natapov
2012-03-05KVM: PPC: Add HPT preallocatorAlexander Graf
2012-03-05KVM: PPC: Initialize linears with zerosAlexander Graf
2012-03-05KVM: PPC: Convert RMA allocation into generic codeAlexander Graf
2012-03-05KVM: PPC: E500: Fail init when not on e500v2Alexander Graf
2012-03-05KVM: Move gfn_to_memslot() to kvm_host.hPaul Mackerras
2012-03-05KVM: x86 emulator: reject SYSENTER in compatibility mode on AMD guestsAvi Kivity
2012-03-05KVM: Don't mistreat edge-triggered INIT IPI as INIT de-assert. (LAPIC)Julian Stecklina
2012-03-05KVM: SVM: comment nested paging and virtualization module parametersDavidlohr Bueso
2012-03-05KVM: MMU: Remove unused kvm parameter from rmap_next()Takuya Yoshikawa
2012-03-05KVM: MMU: Remove unused kvm parameter from __gfn_to_rmap()Takuya Yoshikawa
2012-03-05KVM: MMU: Remove unused kvm_pte_chainTakuya Yoshikawa
2012-03-05KVM: x86 emulator: Remove byte-sized MOVSX/MOVZX hackAvi Kivity
2012-03-05KVM: x86 emulator: add 8-bit memory operandsAvi Kivity
2012-03-05KVM: PPC: refer to paravirt docs in header fileScott Wood
2012-03-05KVM: PPC: Rename MMIO register identifiersAlexander Graf
2012-03-05KVM: PPC: Move kvm_vcpu_ioctl_[gs]et_one_reg down to platform-specific codePaul Mackerras
2012-03-05KVM: PPC: Add support for explicit HIOR settingAlexander Graf
2012-03-05KVM: PPC: Add generic single register ioctlsAlexander Graf
2012-03-05KVM: PPC: Use the vcpu kmem_cache when allocating new VCPUsSasha Levin
2012-03-05KVM: PPC: booke: Add booke206 TLB traceLiu Yu
2012-03-05KVM: PPC: Book3s HV: Implement get_dirty_log using hardware changed bitPaul Mackerras