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2015-08-27kexec: allocate the kexec control page with KEXEC_CONTROL_MEMORY_GFPMartin Schwidefsky
2015-08-27arm64/mm: Remove hack in mmap randomize layoutYann Droneaud
2015-08-27avr32: handle NULL as a valid clock objectAndy Shevchenko
2015-08-27x86/efi: Use all 64 bit of efi_memmap in setup_e820()Dmitry Skorodumov
2015-08-27tile: use free_bootmem_late() for initrdChris Metcalf
2015-08-27s390/sclp: clear upper register halves in _sclp_print_earlyMartin Schwidefsky
2015-08-27kvm: x86: fix kvm_apic_has_events to check for NULL pointerPaolo Bonzini
2015-08-27signal: fix information leak in copy_siginfo_from_user32Amanieu d'Antras
2015-08-27signal: fix information leak in copy_siginfo_to_userAmanieu d'Antras
2015-08-27ARM: OMAP2+: hwmod: Fix _wait_target_ready() for hwmods without syscRoger Quadros
2015-08-27ARM: dts: i.MX35: Fix can support.Denis Carikli
2015-08-22x86/xen: Probe target addresses in set_aliased_prot() before the hypercallAndy Lutomirski
2015-08-22ARM: dts: keystone: fix dt bindings to use post div register for mainpllMurali Karicheri
2015-08-22sparc64: Fix userspace FPU register corruptions.David S. Miller
2015-08-19MIPS: Make set_pte() SMP safe.David Daney
2015-08-19MIPS: Flush RPS on kernel entry with EVAJames Hogan
2015-08-19MIPS: show_stack: Fix stack trace with EVAJames Hogan
2015-08-19MIPS: do_mcheck: Fix kernel code dump with EVAJames Hogan
2015-08-19MIPS: Fix sched_getaffinity with MT FPAFF enabledFelix Fietkau
2015-08-19MIPS: Malta: Don't reinitialise RTCJames Hogan
2015-08-04arm64: Don't report clear pmds and puds as hugeChristoffer Dall
2015-07-20x86/xen: allow privcmd hypercalls to be preemptedDavid Vrabel
2015-07-20KVM: x86: properly restore LVT0Radim Krčmář
2015-07-13perf/x86: Honor the architectural performance monitoring versionPalik, Imre
2015-07-13x86/boot: Fix overflow warning with 32-bit binutilsBorislav Petkov
2015-07-13KVM: x86: make vapics_in_nmi_mode atomicRadim Krčmář
2015-07-13arm: KVM: force execution of HCPTR access on VM exitMarc Zyngier
2015-07-13arm64/kvm: Fix assembler compatibility of macrosGeoff Levand
2015-07-13KVM: nSVM: Check for NRIPS support before updating control fieldBandan Das
2015-07-13ARM: clk-imx6q: refine sata's parentSebastien Szymanski
2015-07-13x86/microcode/intel: Guard against stack overflow in the loaderQuentin Casasnovas
2015-07-12config: Enable NEED_DMA_MAP_STATE by default when SWIOTLB is selectedKonrad Rzeszutek Wilk
2015-07-12kprobes/x86: Return correct length in __copy_instruction()Eugene Shatokhin
2015-07-05sparc: Use GFP_ATOMIC in ldc_alloc_exp_dring() as it can be called in softirq...Sowmini Varadhan
2015-07-05ARM: mvebu: update Ethernet compatible string for Armada XPSimon Guinot
2015-07-05s390/kdump: fix REGSET_VX_LOW vector register ELF notesMichael Holzheu
2015-07-05ARC: add smp barriers around atomics per Documentation/atomic_ops.txtVineet Gupta
2015-07-05ARC: add compiler barrier to LLSC based cmpxchgVineet Gupta
2015-07-05MIPS: Fix KVM guest fixmap addressJames Hogan
2015-07-03arm64: vdso: work-around broken ELF toolchains in MakefileWill Deacon
2015-07-03x86/PCI: Use host bridge _CRS info on systems with >32 bit addressingBjorn Helgaas
2015-07-03arm64: mm: Fix freeing of the wrong memmap entries with !SPARSEMEM_VMEMMAPDave P Martin
2015-07-03arm64: entry: fix context tracking for el0_sp_pcMark Rutland
2015-07-03ARM: kvm: psci: fix handling of unimplemented functionsLorenzo Pieralisi
2015-07-03arm64: Do not attempt to use init_mm in reset_context()Catalin Marinas
2015-07-03x86/PCI: Use host bridge _CRS info on Foxconn K8M890-8237ABjorn Helgaas
2015-07-03ARM: at91/dt: sama5d4ek: mci0 uses slot 0Ludovic Desroches
2015-07-03powerpc/perf: Fix book3s kernel to userspace backtracesAnton Blanchard
2015-07-03KVM: mips: use id_to_memslot correctlyPaolo Bonzini
2015-07-03ARM: tegra20: Store CPU "resettable" status in IRAMDmitry Osipenko