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2011-04-22x86, cpu: Fix regression in AMD errata checking codeHans Rosenfeld
2011-04-22x86, amd: Disable GartTlbWlkErr when BIOS forgets itJoerg Roedel
2011-04-22x86, cpu: Clean up AMD erratum 400 workaroundHans Rosenfeld
2011-04-22x86, cpu: AMD errata checking frameworkHans Rosenfeld
2011-04-22x86, AMD: Set ARAT feature on AMD processorsBoris Ostrovsky
2011-04-22mca.c: Fix cast from integer to pointer warningJeff Mahoney
2011-04-22tioca: Fix assignment from incompatible pointer warningsJeff Mahoney
2011-04-22x86: Fix a bogus unwind annotation in lib/semaphore_32.SJan Beulich
2011-04-14Revert "x86: Cleanup highmap after brk is concluded"Greg Kroah-Hartman
2011-04-14powerpc: Fix default_machine_crash_shutdown #ifdef botchKamalesh Babulal
2011-04-14powerpc/kexec: Add ifdef CONFIG_PPC_STD_MMU_64 to PPC64 codeKamalesh Babulal
2011-04-14x86, mtrr, pat: Fix one cpu getting out of sync during resumeSuresh Siddha
2011-03-28x86: Cleanup highmap after brk is concludedYinghai Lu
2011-03-28xen: set max_pfn_mapped to the last pfn mappedStefano Stabellini
2011-03-28x86, binutils, xen: Fix another wrong size directiveAlexander van Heukelum
2011-03-28powerpc: rtas_flash needs to use rtas_data_bufMilton Miller
2011-03-28powerpc/kdump: Fix race in kdump shutdownMichael Neuling
2011-03-28fix per-cpu flag problem in the cpu affinity checkersThomas Gleixner
2011-03-21x86: Flush TLB if PGD entry is changed in i386 PAE modeShaohua Li
2011-03-21perf, powerpc: Handle events that raise an exception without overflowingAnton Blanchard
2011-03-21IA64: Optimize ticket spinlocks in fsys_rt_sigprocmaskPetr Tesarik
2011-03-21IA64: fix siglockTony Luck
2011-03-21x86, quirk: Fix SB600 revision checkAndreas Herrmann
2011-03-21x86: Emit "mem=nopentium ignored" warning when not supportedKamal Mostafa
2011-03-21x86: Fix panic when handling "mem={invalid}" paramKamal Mostafa
2011-03-21x86/mm: Handle mm_fault_error() in kernel spaceAndrey Vagin
2011-03-21MIPS: MTX-1: Make au1000_eth probe all PHY addressesFlorian Fainelli
2011-03-21powerpc/kexec: Fix orphaned offline CPUs across kexecMatt Evans
2011-03-21powerpc/crashdump: Do not fail on NULL pointer dereferencingMaxim Uvarov
2011-03-21powerpc/kexec: Speedup kexec hash PTE tear downMichael Neuling
2011-03-21powerpc/pseries: Add hcall to read 4 ptes at a time in real modeMichael Neuling
2011-03-21powerpc/kdump: Use chip->shutdown to disable IRQsAnton Blanchard
2011-03-21powerpc/kdump: CPUs assume the context of the oopsing CPUAnton Blanchard
2011-03-21powerpc: Use more accurate limit for first segment memory allocationsAnton Blanchard
2011-03-21x86: Use u32 instead of long to set reset vector back to 0Don Zickus
2011-03-21x86 quirk: Fix polarity for IRQ0 pin2 override on SB800 systemsAndreas Herrmann
2011-03-21ARM: Ensure predictable endian state on signal handler entryRussell King
2011-03-21s390: remove task_show_regsMartin Schwidefsky
2011-03-21x86/pvclock: Zero last_value on resumeJeremy Fitzhardinge
2011-03-21x86, mm: avoid possible bogus tlb entries by clearing prev mm_cpumask after s...Suresh Siddha
2011-03-21powerpc: Fix some 6xx/7xxx CPU setup functionsBenjamin Herrenschmidt
2011-03-21powerpc: Fix hcall tracepoint recursionAnton Blanchard
2011-03-21x86, mtrr: Avoid MTRR reprogramming on BP during boot on UP platformsSuresh Siddha
2011-03-21rapidio: fix hang on RapidIO doorbell queue full conditionThomas Taranowski
2011-03-21correct vdso version stringMartin Schwidefsky
2011-03-21x86, vt-d: Fix the vt-d fault handling irq migration in the x2apic modeKenji Kaneshige
2011-03-21x86: Enable the intr-remap fault handling after local APIC setupKenji Kaneshige
2011-03-21x86, gcc-4.6: Use gcc -m options when building vdsoH. Peter Anvin
2011-03-21x86, amd: Fix panic on AMD CPU family 0x15Andreas Herrmann
2011-03-21x86, hotplug: Use mwait to offline a processor, fix the legacy caseH. Peter Anvin