path: root/arch/tile/kernel/pci_gx.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-09-16genirq: Remove irq argument from irq flow handlersThomas Gleixner
2015-08-01tile/pci_gx: Prepare trio_handle_level_irq for irq argument removalThomas Gleixner
2015-07-16treewide: Use helper function to access irq_data->msi_descJiang Liu
2015-03-19PCI: Assign resources before drivers claim devices (pci_scan_root_bus())Yijing Wang
2014-12-16Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/cmetcalf/linux-tileLinus Torvalds
2014-11-23PCI/MSI: Rename mask/unmask_msi_irq treewideThomas Gleixner
2014-11-23PCI/MSI: Rename write_msi_msg() to pci_write_msi_msg()Jiang Liu
2014-11-11tile: Use the more common pr_warn instead of pr_warningJoe Perches
2014-05-16tile: pci: Use irq_alloc/free_hwirq()Thomas Gleixner
2014-03-19tile PCI RC: Use default pcibios_enable_device()Bjorn Helgaas
2013-09-06Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/cmetcalf/linux-tileLinus Torvalds
2013-09-03tile PCI RC: make default consistent DMA mask 32-bitChris Metcalf
2013-09-03tile: mark pcibios_init() as __initChris Metcalf
2013-08-22PCI: Simplify pcie_bus_configure_settings() interfaceBjorn Helgaas
2013-08-06tile PCI RC: reduce driver's vmalloc space usageChris Metcalf
2013-08-06tile PCI RC: support PCIe TRIO 0 MAC 0 on Gx72 systemChris Metcalf
2013-08-06tile PCI RC: use proper accessor functionChris Metcalf
2013-08-06tile PCI RC: bomb comments and whitespace formatChris Metcalf
2013-08-06tile PCI RC: eliminate pci_controller.mem_resources fieldChris Metcalf
2013-08-06tile PCI RC: restructure TRIO initializationChris Metcalf
2013-08-06tile PCI RC: support I/O space accessChris Metcalf
2013-08-06tile PCI RC: gentler warning for missing plug-in PCIChris Metcalf
2013-08-06tile PCI RC: support more MSI-X interrupt vectorsChris Metcalf
2013-08-05tile PCI RC: handle case that PCI link is already upChris Metcalf
2013-08-05tile PCI RC: tweak the the pcie_rc_delay supportChris Metcalf
2013-01-03ARCH: drivers remove __dev* attributes.Greg Kroah-Hartman
2012-12-12tilegx: remove __init from pci fixup hookChris Metcalf
2012-09-18PCI: Provide a default pcibios_update_irq()Thierry Reding
2012-09-18PCI: Discard __init annotations for pci_fixup_irqs() and related functionsThierry Reding
2012-07-25tilegx pci: fix semantic merge conflict with 3527ed81cChris Metcalf
2012-07-18tile: updates to pci root complex from community feedbackChris Metcalf
2012-07-18tile pci: enable IOMMU to support DMA for legacy devicesChris Metcalf
2012-07-18arch/tile: tilegx PCI root complex supportChris Metcalf