path: root/arch/tile/kernel/pci-dma.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-09-03tile PCI RC: make default consistent DMA mask 32-bitChris Metcalf
2013-08-06tile PCI DMA: fix bug in non-page-aligned accessorsChris Metcalf
2013-08-06tile PCI RC: add dma_get_required_mask()Chris Metcalf
2013-08-06tile PCI DMA: handle a NULL dev argument properlyChris Metcalf
2013-08-06tile: support LSI MEGARAID SAS HBA hybrid dma_opsChris Metcalf
2012-07-18tile pci: enable IOMMU to support DMA for legacy devicesChris Metcalf
2012-07-18arch/tile: enable ZONE_DMA for tilegxChris Metcalf
2012-07-18tilegx pci: support I/O to arbitrarily-cached pagesChris Metcalf
2011-12-03arch/tile: add a few #includes and an EXPORT to catch up with kernel changes.Chris Metcalf
2011-05-04tile,mn10300: add device parameter to dma_cache_sync()James Hogan
2011-03-10arch/tile: support 4KB page size as well as 64KBChris Metcalf
2010-06-05arch/tile: Do not use GFP_KERNEL for dma_alloc_coherent().Chris Metcalf
2010-06-04arch/tile: core support for Tilera 32-bit chips.Chris Metcalf