path: root/arch/sh/kernel/traps_32.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-04-03sh: don't pass saved userspace state to exception handlersBobby Bingham
2013-07-14sh: delete __cpuinit usage from all sh filesPaul Gortmaker
2012-06-14sh: Consolidate die definitions for trap handlers.Paul Mundt
2012-05-24sh64: Convert to unwinder API.Paul Mundt
2012-03-28Disintegrate asm/system.h for SHDavid Howells
2011-08-29sh: Add unaligned memory access for PC relative intructionsPhil Edworthy
2011-08-29sh: Fix unaligned memory access for branches without delay slotsPhil Edworthy
2011-07-01perf: Remove the nmi parameter from the swevent and overflow interfacePeter Zijlstra
2011-05-13sysfs: remove "last sysfs file:" line from the oops messagesGreg Kroah-Hartman
2010-10-13sh: wire up perf alignment and emulation faults.Paul Mundt
2010-09-30sh: boot kernel with SR.BL setMagnus Damm
2010-02-17sh: Setup boot CPU VBR early to enable early page faults.Paul Mundt
2010-01-13Merge branches 'sh/xstate', 'sh/hw-breakpoints' and 'sh/stable-updates'Paul Mundt
2010-01-12sh: Split out the unaligned counters and user bits.Paul Mundt
2010-01-12sh: Tidy up the sh bios VBR handling.Paul Mundt
2010-01-05sh: Fix up breakpoint trap handler patching on SH-2A.Paul Mundt
2009-12-14sh: Make the unaligned trap handler always obey notification levels.Paul Mundt
2009-11-30sh: convert /proc/cpu/aligmnent, /proc/cpu/kernel_alignment to seq_fileAlexey Dobriyan
2009-10-18sh: Disable SCIF2 on the SH-X3 proto CPU.Paul Mundt
2009-10-13sh: update die() output.Paul Mundt
2009-09-30sh: Disable unaligned kernel access printks by default.Paul Mundt
2009-09-24sh: Fix up uninitialized variable use caught by gcc 4.4.Paul Mundt
2009-09-24sh: Handle unaligned 16-bit instructions on SH-2A.Paul Mundt
2009-09-16sh: Kill off unused se_skipped in alignment trap notification code.Paul Mundt
2009-08-29sh: Only shout about fixing up unexpected unaligned accessesMatt Fleming
2009-08-24sh: cleanup of do_address_error()Andre Draszik
2009-08-24sh: Allow user control over misaligned fixup handlingAndre Draszik
2009-08-24sh: ratelimit unaligned fixupsAndre Draszik
2009-08-21sh: unwinder: Introduce UNWINDER_BUG() and UNWINDER_BUG_ON()Matt Fleming
2009-08-13sh: Use the generalized stacktrace opsMatt Fleming
2009-05-09sh: Rename opcode_t to insn_size_t.Paul Mundt
2009-05-09sh: Add UBC trap vector for SH2APeter Griffin
2009-04-04sh: Fix up DSP context save/restore.Michael Trimarchi
2009-01-21sh: fix unaligned and nonexistent address handlingSUGIOKA Toshinobu
2009-01-06remove linux/hardirq.h from asm-generic/local.hRussell King
2008-12-22sh: Generic kgdb stub support.Paul Mundt
2008-12-22sh: Tidy up backtrace formatting with kallsyms disabled.Paul Mundt
2008-12-22sh: Add a few more branch types to the branch emulator.Paul Mundt
2008-10-21sh: Wire up oops reporting in the die notifier chain.Paul Mundt
2008-09-21sh: Move lookup_exception_vector() out to asm/system_32.h.Paul Mundt
2008-09-17sh: Fix up fpu emu build.Paul Mundt
2008-09-08sh: Add kprobes support.Chris Smith
2008-09-08sh: fixup many sparse errors.Paul Mundt
2008-07-28sh2(A) exception handler updateYoshinori Sato
2008-04-16sh: arch/sh/kernel/traps_32.c needs asm/fpu.hAndrew Morton
2008-02-14sh: trapped io support V2Magnus Damm
2008-02-14sh: use opcode_t and enable unaligned code for sh2aMagnus Damm
2008-02-14sh: add byte support to the sign extension codeMagnus Damm
2008-02-14sh: break out unaligned sign extension codeMagnus Damm
2008-01-28sh: SH-2A FPU support.Paul Mundt