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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-04-10cpufreq: powerpc/platforms/cell: move cpufreq driver to drivers/cpufreqViresh Kumar
2011-05-19powerpc: Remove stubbed beat smp supportMilton Miller
2011-04-27powerpc/pci: Move IO workarounds to the common kernel dirMichael Ellerman
2009-03-11powerpc/cell: Fix Axon MSI driver dependenciesMichael Ellerman
2008-12-22powerpc/cell: add QPACE as a separate Cell platformBenjamin Krill
2008-07-22powerpc/cell: Add support for power button of future IBM cell bladesChristian Krafft
2008-07-22powerpc/cell/cpufreq: Add spu aware cpufreq governorChristian Krafft
2008-04-24[POWERPC] celleb: Add support for PCI ExpressIshizaki Kou
2008-04-24[POWERPC] celleb: Move miscellaneous files for BeatIshizaki Kou
2008-04-24[POWERPC] celleb: Move a file for SPU on BeatIshizaki Kou
2008-04-24[POWERPC] celleb: Move files for Beat mmu and iommuIshizaki Kou
2008-04-24[POWERPC] celleb: Move files for Beat hvcall interfacesIshizaki Kou
2008-04-24[POWERPC] celleb: Move the SCC related code for cellebIshizaki Kou
2008-04-24[POWERPC] celleb: Move the files for celleb base supportIshizaki Kou
2008-04-24[POWERPC] celleb: Consolidate io-workarounds codeIshizaki Kou
2008-04-24[POWERPC] cell: Generalize io-workarounds codeIshizaki Kou
2008-01-24Merge branch 'linux-2.6'Paul Mackerras
2007-12-28[POWERPC] Oprofile: Remove dependency on spufs moduleBob Nelson
2007-12-21[POWERPC] spufs: move fault, lscsa_alloc and switch code to spufs moduleJeremy Kerr
2007-09-19[POWERPC] spufs: Combine spufs_coredump_calls with spufs_callsMichael Ellerman
2007-09-19[POWERPC] cell: Unify spufs syscall pathJeremy Kerr
2007-07-20[CELL] add support for MSI on Axon-based Cell systemsMichael Ellerman
2007-07-20[CELL] cbe_cpufreq: reorganize codeChristian Krafft
2007-02-07[POWERPC] Celleb: consolidate spu management opsIshizaki Kou
2006-12-04[POWERPC] coredump: Add SPU elf notes to coredump.Dwayne Grant McConnell
2006-12-04[POWERPC] Cell "Spider" MMIO workaroundsBenjamin Herrenschmidt
2006-10-25[POWERPC] cell: add cpufreq driver for Cell BE processorChristian Krafft
2006-10-25[POWERPC] cell: add temperature to SPU and CPU sysfs entriesChristian Krafft
2006-10-25[POWERPC] cell: add low-level performance monitoring codeKevin Corry
2006-06-21[POWERPC] spufs: split the Cell BE support into generic and platform dependan...Geoff Levand
2006-06-21[POWERPC] cell: always build spu base into the kernelarnd@arndb.de
2006-06-21[POWERPC] cell: add RAS supportBenjamin Herrenschmidt
2006-03-27[PATCH] spufs: allow SPU code to do syscallsArnd Bergmann
2006-02-07[PATCH] powerpc: Fix spufs initialization sequence.Geoff Levand
2006-01-09[PATCH] spufs: abstract priv1 register access.Arnd Bergmann
2006-01-09[PATCH] cell: enable pause(0) in cpu_idleArnd Bergmann
2006-01-09[PATCH] spufs: The SPU file system, baseArnd Bergmann
2005-11-01[PATCH] powerpc: move arch/ppc64/kernel/bpa* to arch/powerpc/platforms/cellArnd Bergmann
2005-11-01[PATCH] powerpc: create a new arch/powerpc/platforms/cell/smp.cArnd Bergmann