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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2006-03-16[PATCH] powerpc: remove duplicate EXPORT_SYMBOLSOlaf Hering
2006-02-28[PATCH] powerpc/iseries: Fix double phys_to_abs bug in htab_bolt_mappingMichael Ellerman
2006-02-24[PATCH] powerpc64: fix spinlock recursion in native_hpte_clearR Sharada
2006-02-24[PATCH] powerpc: Only calculate htab_size in one place for kexecMichael Ellerman
2006-02-07[PATCH] powerpc: Cleanup, consolidating icache dirtying logicDavid Gibson
2006-02-07[PATCH] powerpc: Make sure we don't create empty lmb regionsMichael Ellerman
2006-01-10[PATCH] powerpc: IOMMU: don't ioremap null addressesLinas Vepstas
2006-01-10spelling: s/retreive/retrieve/Adrian Bunk
2006-01-09[PATCH] powerpc: Don't use KERNELBASE in add_memory()Michael Ellerman
2006-01-09[PATCH] powerpc: DABR exceptions should report the address not the PCAnton Blanchard
2006-01-09[PATCH] powerpc: don't add memory to empty node/zoneMike Kravetz
2006-01-09[PATCH] powerpc: fix two build warningsArnd Bergmann
2006-01-09[PATCH] powerpc: Replace VMALLOCBASE with VMALLOC_STARTDavid Gibson
2006-01-09[PATCH] powerpc: Remove device_node addrs/n_addrBenjamin Herrenschmidt
2006-01-09[PATCH] ppc64: Add NUMA cpu summary at bootAnton Blanchard
2006-01-09[PATCH] powerpc: Add support for "linux,usable-memory" on memory nodesMichael Ellerman
2006-01-09[PATCH] powerpc: numa placement for dynamically added memoryMike Kravetz
2006-01-09[PATCH] powerpc: Separate usage of KERNELBASE and PAGE_OFFSETMichael Ellerman
2006-01-09[PATCH] powerpc: Add a is_kernel_addr() macroMichael Ellerman
2006-01-09[PATCH] powerpc: Minor numa memory code cleanupMike Kravetz
2006-01-09Revert "[PATCH] powerpc: Minor numa memory code cleanup"Paul Mackerras
2006-01-09[PATCH] powerpc: Minor numa memory code cleanupMike Kravetz
2006-01-09[PATCH] powerpc: Make hugepage mappings respect hint addressesDavid Gibson
2006-01-09[PATCH] powerpc: Unify udbg (#2)Benjamin Herrenschmidt
2006-01-09[PATCH] spufs: The SPU file system, baseArnd Bergmann
2005-12-29[PATCH] ppc64: htab_initialize_secondary cannot be marked __initAnton Blanchard
2005-12-09[PATCH] powerpc: Fix SLB flushing path in hugepageDavid Gibson
2005-12-09[PATCH] powerpc: Add missing icache flushes for hugepagesDavid Gibson
2005-12-08[PATCH] powerpc: Fix a huge page bugBenjamin Herrenschmidt
2005-12-08[PATCH] powerpc/pseries: boot failures on numa if no memory on nodeMike Kravetz
2005-12-05[PATCH] powerpc: remove redundant code in stab initOlof Johansson
2005-11-25[PATCH] powerpc: More hugepage boundary case fixesDavid Gibson
2005-11-23[PATCH] powerpc: fix for hugepage areas straddling 4GB boundaryDavid Gibson
2005-11-23[PATCH] mm: powerpc init_mm without ptlockHugh Dickins
2005-11-23[PATCH] mm: powerpc ptlock commentsHugh Dickins
2005-11-19[PATCH] powerpc: Remove imalloc.hDavid Gibson
2005-11-16Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/paulus/powerpc-mergeLinus Torvalds
2005-11-16[PATCH] powerpc: Fixup debugging in lmb.cMichael Ellerman
2005-11-15[PATCH] powerpc: Fix sparsemem with memory holes [was Re: ppc64 oops..]Paul Mackerras
2005-11-13[PATCH] Update email address for KumarKumar Gala
2005-11-11[PATCH] powerpc: Merge vdso's and add vdso support to 32 bits kernelBenjamin Herrenschmidt
2005-11-11[PATCH] ppc64: Convert NUMA to sparsemem (3)Anton Blanchard
2005-11-11[PATCH] ppc64: prep for NUMA sparsemem rework 2Anton Blanchard
2005-11-10powerpc: Move some extern declarations from C code into headersPaul Mackerras
2005-11-10[PATCH] powerpc: 64k pages pmd alloc fixBenjamin Herrenschmidt
2005-11-10[PATCH] powerpc: merge code values for identifying platformsPaul Mackerras
2005-11-10[PATCH] ppc64: Don't panic when early __ioremap failsBenjamin Herrenschmidt
2005-11-08[PATCH] Memory Add Fixes for ppc64Mike Kravetz
2005-11-08[PATCH] revised Memory Add Fixes for ppc64Mike Kravetz
2005-11-08[PATCH] ppc64: Fix the lazy icache/dcache code for non-RAM pagesBenjamin Herrenschmidt