path: root/arch/ia64/xen/Makefile
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-12-10ia64/xen: Remove Xen support for ia64Boris Ostrovsky
2009-03-26ia64/pv_ops/xen/gate.S: xen gate page paravirtualizationIsaku Yamahata
2009-03-26ia64/pv_ops/xen: define xen specific gate page.Isaku Yamahata
2009-03-26ia64/pv_ops/xen: preliminary to paravirtualizing fsys.S for xen.Isaku Yamahata
2008-10-17ia64/xen: preliminary support for save/restore.Isaku Yamahata
2008-10-17ia64/xen: define xen machine vector for domU.Isaku Yamahata
2008-10-17ia64/pv_ops/xen: implement xen pv_time_ops.Isaku Yamahata
2008-10-17ia64/pv_ops/xen: implement xen pv_irq_ops.Isaku Yamahata
2008-10-17ia64/pv_ops/xen: paravirtualize entry.S for ia64/xen.Isaku Yamahata
2008-10-17ia64/pv_ops/xen: paravirtualize ivt.S for xen.Isaku Yamahata
2008-10-17ia64/pv_ops/xen: define xen pv_init_ops for various xen initialization.Isaku Yamahata
2008-10-17ia64/pv_ops/xen: elf note based xen startup.Isaku Yamahata
2008-10-17ia64/xen: implement arch specific part of xen grant table.Isaku Yamahata
2008-10-17ia64/xen: xencomm conversion functions for hypercallsIsaku Yamahata
2008-10-17ia64/xen: implement the arch specific part of xencomm.Isaku Yamahata
2008-10-17ia64/xen: define helper functions for xen hypercalls.Isaku Yamahata