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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-09-09Merge tag 'late-for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/a...Linus Torvalds
2013-08-29Merge tag 'samsung-mach-exynos-v2' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kern...Olof Johansson
2013-08-28ARM: EXYNOS: Skip C1 cpuidle state for exynos5440Amit Daniel Kachhap
2013-08-28ARM: EXYNOS: always enable PM domains support for EXYNOS4X12Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz
2013-08-22Merge tag 'samsung-cleanup-1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/gi...Kevin Hilman
2013-07-24Merge tag 'samsung-fixes-1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/...Olof Johansson
2013-07-24ARM: EXYNOS: enable ARCH_HAS_BANDGAPAmit Daniel Kachhap
2013-07-24ARM: EXYNOS: Fix low level debug supportYadwinder Singh Brar
2013-07-24ARM: SAMSUNG: Add SAMSUNG_PM config option to select pmAmit Daniel Kachhap
2013-07-24ARM: EXYNOS: Cleanup common.h fileSachin Kamat
2013-07-16ARM: EXYNOS: Enable 64-bit DMA for EXYNOS5440 if LPAE is enabledThomas Abraham
2013-07-16ARM: EXYNOS: change the PHYSMEM_BITS and SECTION_SIZESubash Patel
2013-07-16ARM: EXYNOS: skip pm support on exynos5440Kukjin Kim
2013-07-14arm: delete __cpuinit/__CPUINIT usage from all ARM usersPaul Gortmaker
2013-07-13Merge tag 'fixes-for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/...Linus Torvalds
2013-07-12Merge tag 'omap-for-v3.11/fixes-for-merge-window' of git://git.kernel.org/pub...Olof Johansson
2013-07-09reboot: arm: change reboot_mode to use enum reboot_modeRobin Holt
2013-07-06ARM: exynos: select PM_GENERIC_DOMAINS only when usedArnd Bergmann
2013-07-03Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git.linaro.org/people/rmk/linux-armLinus Torvalds
2013-07-02Merge tag 'late-for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/a...Linus Torvalds
2013-07-02Merge tag 'soc-for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/ar...Linus Torvalds
2013-06-29Merge branch 'devel-stable' into for-nextRussell King
2013-06-26ARM: EXYNOS: Enable PCIe support for Exynos5440Jingoo Han
2013-06-20Merge tag 'remove-nondt-exynos-3' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kerne...Arnd Bergmann
2013-06-19ARM: EXYNOS: extend soft-reset support for EXYNOS5420Chander Kashyap
2013-06-19ARM: EXYNOS: add secondary CPU boot base location for EXYNOS5420Chander Kashyap
2013-06-19ARM: EXYNOS: use four additional chipid bits to identify EXYNOS familyChander Kashyap
2013-06-19ARM: EXYNOS: Add support for EXYNOS5420 SoCChander Kashyap
2013-06-19ARM: dts: list the CPU nodes for EXYNOS5250Chander Kashyap
2013-06-19ARM: EXYNOS: call scu_enable() only in case of cortex-A9 processorLeela Krishna Amudala
2013-06-19ARM: EXYNOS: Select PINCTRL_EXYNOS for exynos4/5 at chip levelDoug Anderson
2013-06-19ARM: EXYNOS: Enable XHCI support on exynos5Vivek Gautam
2013-06-19ARM: SAMSUNG: Consolidate uncompress subroutineTushar Behera
2013-06-19ARM: EXYNOS: Remove remaining dead code after non-DT support removalArnd Bergmann
2013-06-19ARM: EXYNOS: Remove legacy L2X0 initializationArnd Bergmann
2013-06-19ARM: EXYNOS: Use exynos_init_io() as map_io callbackArnd Bergmann
2013-06-19ARM: EXYNOS: Remove custom init_irq callbacksArnd Bergmann
2013-06-19ARM: EXYNOS: Remove mach/regs-usb-phy.h headerTomasz Figa
2013-06-19ARM: EXYNOS: Remove unused base addresses from mach/map.h headerTomasz Figa
2013-06-19ARM: EXYNOS: Remove mach/irqs.h headerTomasz Figa
2013-06-19ARM: EXYNOS: Select SPARSE_IRQ for ExynosTomasz Figa
2013-06-19ARM: EXYNOS: Remove mach/regs-gpio.h headerTomasz Figa
2013-06-19ARM: EXYNOS: Remove mach/gpio.hTomasz Figa
2013-06-19ARM: EXYNOS: Remove setup-i2c0.cTomasz Figa
2013-06-19ARM: EXYNOS: Decouple ARCH_EXYNOS from PLAT_S5PTomasz Figa
2013-06-19ARM: EXYNOS: Provide compatibility stubs for PM code in pm-core.h headerTomasz Figa
2013-06-15ARM: EXYNOS: Remove legacy power domain registration codeTomasz Figa
2013-06-15ARM: EXYNOS: Remove check for device tree presenceTomasz Figa
2013-06-15ARM: EXYNOS: Remove legacy mapping of chip ID blockTomasz Figa
2013-06-15ARM: EXYNOS: Remove platform device initializationTomasz Figa