path: root/arch/arm/lib/memmove.S
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-03-29ARM: 6006/1: ARM: Use the correct NOP size in memmove for Thumb-2 kernel buildsCatalin Marinas
2009-07-24Thumb-2: Implement the unified arch/arm/lib functionsCatalin Marinas
2008-09-01[ARM] 5227/1: Add the ENDPROC declarations to the .S filesCatalin Marinas
2008-06-22[ARM] cache align destination pointer when copying memory for some processorsNicolas Pitre
2008-06-22[ARM] fix cache alignment code in memset.SNicolas Pitre
2005-11-01[ARM] 2947/1: copy template with new memcpy/memmoveNicolas Pitre