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2015-05-12 Merge tag 'v3.10.77' into linux-linaro-lskAlex Shi
2015-05-06ARM: 8320/1: fix integer overflow in ELF_ET_DYN_BASEAndrey Ryabinin
2015-02-09Merge tag 'v3.10.68' into linux-linaro-lskMark Brown
2015-02-05ARM: 8109/1: mm: Modify pte_write and pmd_write logic for LPAESteven Capper
2015-02-05ARM: 8108/1: mm: Introduce {pte,pmd}_isset and {pte,pmd}_isclearSteven Capper
2015-02-05ARM: 7931/1: Correct virt_addr_validLaura Abbott
2015-02-05ARM: fix asm/memory.h build errorRussell King
2015-02-05ARM: 7867/1: include: asm: use 'int' instead of 'unsigned long' for 'oldval' ...Chen Gang
2015-02-05ARM: 7866/1: include: asm: use 'long long' instead of 'u64' within atomic.hChen Gang
2015-02-05ARM: lpae: fix definition of PTE_HWTABLE_PTRSWill Deacon
2015-02-05ARM: fix type of PHYS_PFN_OFFSET to unsigned longCyril Chemparathy
2015-02-05ARM: LPAE: use signed arithmetic for mask definitionsCyril Chemparathy
2015-02-05ARM: mm: correct pte_same behaviour for LPAE.Steve Capper
2015-02-05ARM: 7829/1: Add ".text.unlikely" and ".text.hot" to arm unwind tablesDouglas Anderson
2015-01-18ARM: Revert ARM side of PSCI backportsMark Brown
2015-01-17Merge remote-tracking branch 'lsk/v3.10/topic/arm64-misc' into linux-linaro-lskMark Brown
2015-01-09Merge remote-tracking branch 'lsk/v3.10/topic/coresight' into linux-linaro-lskMark Brown
2014-12-22ARM: removing support for etb/etm in "arch/arm/kernel/"Mathieu Poirier
2014-12-22coresight-etm: add CoreSight ETM/PTM driverPratik Patel
2014-11-21ARM: Correct BUG() assembly to ensure it is endian-agnosticBen Dooks
2014-10-23PSCI: Add initial support for PSCIv0.2 functionsAshwin Chaugule
2014-10-23arm: introduce psci_smp_opsStefano Stabellini
2014-10-11Merge remote-tracking branch 'lsk/v3.10/topic/kvm' into linux-linaro-lskMark Brown
2014-10-10Merge remote-tracking branch 'lsk/v3.10/topic/thp' into linux-linaro-lskMark Brown
2014-10-02ARM: mm: Transparent huge page support for LPAE systems.Catalin Marinas
2014-10-02ARM: mm: HugeTLB support for LPAE systems.Catalin Marinas
2014-10-02ARM: mm: correct pte_same behaviour for LPAE.Steve Capper
2014-10-02ARM: mm: Introduce virt_to_idmap() with an arch hookSantosh Shilimkar
2014-10-02ARM: barrier: allow options to be passed to memory barrier instructionsWill Deacon
2014-10-02ARM: 7990/1: asm: rename logical shift macros push pull into lspush lspullVictor Kamensky
2014-10-02arm/arm64: KVM: Report correct FSC for unsupported fault typesChristoffer Dall
2014-10-02arm/arm64: KVM: vgic: make number of irqs a configurable attributeMarc Zyngier
2014-10-02ARM/arm64: KVM: fix use of WnR bit in kvm_is_write_fault()Ard Biesheuvel
2014-10-02KVM: remove garbage arg to *hardware_{en,dis}ableRadim Krčmář
2014-10-02KVM: static inline empty kvm_arch functionsRadim Krčmář
2014-10-02KVM: forward declare structs in kvm_types.hPaolo Bonzini
2014-10-02KVM: ARM/arm64: fix non-const declaration of function returning constWill Deacon
2014-10-02arm/arm64: KVM: Support KVM_CAP_READONLY_MEMChristoffer Dall
2014-10-02ARM: make it easier to check the CPU part number correctlyRussell King
2014-10-02ARM: KVM: MMIO support BE host running LE codeVictor Kamensky
2014-10-02ARM: KVM: handle 64bit values passed to mrcc or from mcrr instructions in BE ...Victor Kamensky
2014-10-02arm64: KVM: split GICv2 world switch from hyp codeMarc Zyngier
2014-10-02arm64: KVM: allow export and import of generic timer regsAlex Bennée
2014-10-02arm/arm64: KVM: Fix and refactor unmap_rangeChristoffer Dall
2014-10-02ARM/ARM64: KVM: Make kvm_psci_call() return convention more flexibleAnup Patel
2014-10-02ARM/ARM64: KVM: Add base for PSCI v0.2 emulationAnup Patel
2014-10-02ARM: KVM: trap VM system registers until MMU and caches are ONMarc Zyngier
2014-10-02ARM: KVM: add world-switch for AMAIR{0,1}Marc Zyngier
2014-10-02ARM: KVM: introduce per-vcpu HYP Configuration RegisterMarc Zyngier
2014-10-02ARM: KVM: force cache clean on page fault when caches are offMarc Zyngier