path: root/arch/arm/boot/dts/tegra114-dalmore.dts
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-11-13ARM: dts: tegra: move serial aliases to per-boardOlof Johansson
2014-04-29ARM: tegra: add SD wp-gpios to Dalmore DTStephen Warren
2014-04-28ARM: tegra: dalmore - Add DSI power supplyThierry Reding
2014-04-28ARM: tegra: dalmore - Add +5V HDMI supplyThierry Reding
2014-04-05Merge tag 'dt-3.15' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/arm/arm-socLinus Torvalds
2014-03-26ARM: tegra: fix board DT pinmux setupStephen Warren
2014-03-20ARM: tegra: fix Dalmore pinctrl configurationStephen Warren
2014-02-05ARM: tegra: document which Dalmore revisions are supportedStephen Warren
2013-12-19ARM: tegra: Enable HDMI support on DalmoreMikko Perttunen
2013-12-19ARM: tegra: Enable DSI support on DalmoreThierry Reding
2013-12-18ARM: tegra: set up /aliases entries for RTCsStephen Warren
2013-12-16ARM: tegra: convert dts files of Tegra114 platforms to use pinctrl definesLaxman Dewangan
2013-12-16ARM: tegra: add missing unit addresses to DTStephen Warren
2013-10-07ARM: tegra: add DT entry for nct1008 to DalmoreWei Ni
2013-09-19ARM: tegra: use dt-binding header for key codeLaxman Dewangan
2013-09-19ARM: tegra: add palmas pincontrol to Dalmore device treeLaxman Dewangan
2013-08-20ARM: tegra: configure power off for DalmoreBill Huang
2013-08-15ARM: tegra: add Mic Jack to Dalmore device treeStephen Warren
2013-08-13ARM: tegra: add USB DT entries for Tegra114, DalmoreMikko Perttunen
2013-08-12ARM: tegra: enable LP1 suspend modeJoseph Lo
2013-08-01ARM: tegra: dalmore: fix the irq trigger type of Palmas MFD deviceJoseph Lo
2013-07-19ARM: tegra: dalmore: add PM configurations for PMCJoseph Lo
2013-07-19ARM: tegra: enable palmas device for dalmoreLaxman Dewangan
2013-07-15ARM: tegra: enable gpio-keys on DalmoreLaxman Dewangan
2013-06-12ARM: tegra: enable audio on DalmoreStephen Warren
2013-06-12ARM: tegra: add power-supplies link between battery and chargerRhyland Klein
2013-05-28ARM: tegra: Add charger subnode to tps65090 nodeRhyland Klein
2013-05-28ARM: tegra: convert device tree files to use IRQ definesStephen Warren
2013-05-28ARM: tegra: convert device tree files to use GPIO definesStephen Warren
2013-05-28ARM: tegra: use #include for all device treesStephen Warren
2013-05-28ARM: tegra: enable spi4 on DalmoreLaxman Dewangan
2013-04-04ARM: tegra: add non-removable and keep-power-in-suspend property for MMCJoseph Lo
2013-04-04ARM: tegra: keep power on to SD slot on DalmoreStephen Warren
2013-04-04ARM: tegra: dalmore: add fixed regulator nodeLaxman Dewangan
2013-04-04ARM: tegra: dalmore: add TPS65090 nodeLaxman Dewangan
2013-04-04ARM: tegra: dalmore: add cpu regulator nodeLaxman Dewangan
2013-04-04ARM: tegra: Add sbs-battery node to DalmoreRhyland Klein
2013-04-04ARM: tegra: add SDHCI support for DalmoreRhyland Klein
2013-04-04ARM: tegra: add default pinctrl nodes for DalmorePritesh Raithatha
2013-04-04ARM: dt: Add references to tegra_car clocksPeter De Schrijver
2013-04-03ARM: tegra: add clock source of PMC to device treesJoseph Lo
2013-01-28ARM: dt: tegra114: Add new board, DalmoreHiroshi Doyu