path: root/arch/arm/boot/dts/omap3-cm-t3x30.dtsi
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-03-16ARM: dts: omap3: Remove all references to ti,codec propertyMarek Belisko
2015-01-13ARM: dts: cm-t3x: add NAND supportDmitry Lifshitz
2014-11-24ARM: dts: sbc-t3x30: add audio supportDmitry Lifshitz
2014-11-24ARM: dts: cm-t3x: add TV out supportDmitry Lifshitz
2014-11-21ARM: dts: cm-t3x30: add keypad supportDmitry Lifshitz
2014-04-23ARM: dts: Fix GPMC Ethernet timings for omap cm-t sbc-t boards for device treeTony Lindgren
2014-04-23ARM: dts: Fix bad OTG muxing for cm-t boardsTony Lindgren
2014-02-28ARM: dts: cm-t3x30: add USB OTG supportDmitry Lifshitz
2014-02-28ARM: dts: cm-t3x30: add HS USB Host supportDmitry Lifshitz
2014-02-28ARM: dts: cm-t3x30: add twl4030 gpio pullupsDmitry Lifshitz
2014-02-28ARM: dts: sbc-t3x: refactor DT supportDmitry Lifshitz
2013-12-18ARM: dts: Add support for sbc-3xxx with cm-t3730Tony Lindgren