path: root/arch/arm/boot/dts/imx28-cfa10049.dts
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-04-07ARM: dts: cfa10036: Add touchscreen support to the CFA-10049Alexandre Belloni
2013-04-04ARM: cfa10036: add one wire bitbanging to the cfa10049Alexandre Belloni
2013-04-04ARM: mxs: move display timing configurations into device treeShawn Guo
2013-01-31ARM: mxs: dts: Add rotary encoder to the CFA-10049Maxime Ripard
2013-01-31ARM: mxs: dts: Add gpio-keys for the rotary to the CFA-10049Maxime Ripard
2013-01-29ARM: dts: mxs: Add the LCD to the 10049 boardMaxime Ripard
2013-01-29ARM: dts: cfa10049: Change the SPI3 bus to spi-gpioMaxime Ripard
2012-12-28ARM: dts: cfa10049: Add PCA9555 GPIO expander to the device treeMaxime Ripard
2012-12-18Merge branch 'i2c-embedded/for-next' of git://git.pengutronix.de/git/wsa/linuxLinus Torvalds
2012-11-16ARM: dts: cfa10049: Add the i2c muxer buses to the CFA-10049Maxime Ripard
2012-11-05ARM: dts: mxs: Add hog pins to Crystalfontz boardsMaxime Ripard
2012-11-02ARM: dts: cfa10049: Add the DH2228FV DAC to the DTSMaxime Ripard
2012-10-15ARM: dts: cfa10049: Add FEC to the CFA-10049 expansion boardMaxime Ripard
2012-09-11ARM: dts: cfa10049: Add the 74HC595 gpio expandersMaxime Ripard
2012-09-05ARM: dts: cfa10049: Add SSP3 to the 10049 boardMaxime Ripard
2012-09-03ARM: dts: mxs: Enable USB1 Host on the CFA-10049 expansion boardMaxime Ripard
2012-09-03ARM: dts: mxs: Add the second I2C adapter to the CFA10049 expansion boardMaxime Ripard