path: root/arch/arm/boot/dts/at91-sama5d4ek.dts
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-11-16ARM: at91/dt: remove bootargsAlexandre Belloni
2015-11-16ARM: at91/dt: remove leftovers clock definitionAlexandre Belloni
2015-11-16ARM: at91/dt: replace gpio-key,wakeup with wakeup-source propertySudeep Holla
2015-09-18ARM: at91/dt: sama5d4ek: Add support of QT1070 and MaxtouchPatrice Vilchez
2015-07-28ARM: at91/dt: sama5d4: move ADC pinctrl to board device treesAlexandre Belloni
2015-06-04ARM: at91/dt: sama5d4ek: mci0 uses slot 0Ludovic Desroches
2015-06-04ARM: at91/dt: sama5d4ek: use stdout-pathAlexandre Belloni
2015-03-04ARM: at91: dt: sama5d4ek: enable audioBo Shen
2015-03-04ARM: at91: dt: sama5d4ek: add and enable wm8904Bo Shen
2015-03-04ARM: at91: dt: sama5d4ek: enable ssc0Bo Shen
2015-03-04ARM: at91/dt: sama5d4ek: add leds in DT nodeJosh Wu
2015-03-04ARM: at91/dt: gpio-keys: address-cells and size-cells properties are not neededNicolas Ferre
2014-11-19ARM: at91: fix GPLv2 wordingNicolas Ferre
2014-09-22ARM: at91: dt: add device tree file for SAMA5D4ek boardNicolas Ferre