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2008-12-29[ARM] pxafb: add support for FBIOPAN_DISPLAY by dma brachingEric Miao
2008-12-29[ARM] pxafb: allow pxafb_set_par() to start from arbitrary yoffsetEric Miao
2008-12-29[ARM] pxafb: allow video memory size to be configurableEric Miao
2008-12-29[ARM] pxa: add document on the MFP design and how to use itEric Miao
2008-12-29[ARM] sa1100_wdt: don't assume CLOCK_TICK_RATE to be a constantEric Miao
2008-12-29[ARM] rtc-sa1100: don't assume CLOCK_TICK_RATE to be a constantEric Miao
2008-12-29[ARM] pxa/tavorevb: update board support (smartpanel LCD + keypad)Eric Miao
2008-12-17[ARM] pxa/littleton: add preliminary I2C board info (da9034 + max7320)Eric Miao
2008-12-17[ARM] pxa/saar: add support for the on-board smart panel LCDEric Miao
2008-12-17[ARM] pxa: initial support for the Imote2 platformJonathan Cameron
2008-12-17[ARM] pxa/ezx: I2C configurationStefan Schmidt
2008-12-17[ARM] pxa/ezx: Keypad configurationStefan Schmidt
2008-12-17[ARM] pxa/ezx: GPIO configurationStefan Schmidt
2008-12-17[ARM] pxa/ezx: Remove two memory banks fixupStefan Schmidt
2008-12-17[ARM] pxa/gumstix: fix incorrect init done by am200Jaya Kumar
2008-12-17[ARM] pxafb: avoid the racing condition in pxafb_smart_threadEric Miao
2008-12-17[ARM] pxafb: allow insertion of delay to the smart panel command sequenceEric Miao
2008-12-17[ARM] pxafb: allow better platform configurable smart panel timingEric Miao
2008-12-17[ARM] pxafb: small cleanup of the smart panel codeEric Miao
2008-12-17[ARM] pxafb: remove now unused pxafb_setup_gpio() and related stuffsEric Miao
2008-12-17[ARM] pxa: convert legacy LCD setup of other boards to new oneEric Miao
2008-12-17[ARM] pxafb: add color TFT 8BPP LCD panel typeEric Miao
2008-12-02[ARM] pxa: add basic support for HP iPAQ h5000Anton Vorontsov
2008-12-02[ARM] pxa/poodle: add physmap mapping for ROMDmitry Baryshkov
2008-12-02[ARM] pxa/corgi: add physmap mapping for ROMDmitry Baryshkov
2008-12-02[ARM] pxa/spitz: add physmap mapping for ROMDmitry Baryshkov
2008-12-02[ARM] pxa/tosa: add physmap mapping for ROMDmitry Baryshkov
2008-12-02[ARM] pxa/tosa: fix building w/o TC6393XB driverDmitry Baryshkov
2008-12-02[ARM] pxa/tosa: support tc6393xb/tmiofb.Dmitry Baryshkov
2008-12-02[ARM] pxa/MioA701: improve power supply sourcesRobert Jarzmik
2008-12-02[ARM] pxa/MioA701: discovered new gpio definitions.Robert Jarzmik
2008-12-02[ARM] pxa/MioA701: change reset function to preserve RTC.Robert Jarzmik
2008-12-02[ARM] pxa/MioA701: add camera support for Mio A701 board.Robert Jarzmik
2008-12-02[ARM] pxa/MioA701: remove KConfig leds driver requirementRobert Jarzmik
2008-12-02[ARM] pxa: add resources for incoming rtc-pxa driverRobert Jarzmik
2008-12-02[ARM] pxa: cpufreq-pxa2xx: sdram_rows detection supportPhilipp Zabel
2008-12-02[ARM] pxa: cpufreq-pxa2xx: allow frequency table selectionMarc Zyngier
2008-12-02[ARM] pxafb: make {backlight,lcd}_power() members of struct pxafb_infoEric Miao
2008-12-02[ARM] locomo: export locomo_frontlight_set()Eric Miao
2008-12-02[ARM] pxa: add missing GPIOs definitionsEric Miao
2008-12-02[ARM] pxa: add base PXA935 support due to CPUID changeEric Miao
2008-12-02[ARM] pxa: introduced cpu_is_pxa935() and cpu_is_pxa9xx()Eric Miao
2008-12-02[ARM] pxa: move I2C pin configurations out into board specific filesEric Miao
2008-12-02[ARM] pxa: register Power I2C device only when necessaryEric Miao
2008-12-02[ARM] pxa: move power I2C device definitions into devices.cEric Miao
2008-12-02[ARM] pxa: remove unnecessary #include of pxa2xx-gpio.h in clock.cEric Miao
2008-12-02[ARM] pxa: include <mach/hardware.h> in pxa-regs.hEric Miao
2008-12-02[ARM] pxa: further cleanup of pxa-regs.hEric Miao
2008-12-02[ARM] pxa: move GPIOx_BASE and GPIO register offsets to gpio.cEric Miao
2008-12-02[ARM] pxa: move AC97 register definitions into dedicated regs-ac97.hEric Miao