AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-01-17Linux 3.7.3v3.7.3Greg Kroah-Hartman
2013-01-17drm/i915: Treat crtc->mode.clock == 0 as disabledChris Wilson
2013-01-17i915: ensure that VGA plane is disabledKrzysztof Mazur
2013-01-17drm/i915: force restore on lid openDaniel Vetter
2013-01-17libceph: Unlock unprocessed pages in start_read() error pathDavid Zafman
2013-01-17ceph: call handle_cap_grant() for cap import messageYan, Zheng
2013-01-17ceph: Fix __ceph_do_pending_vmtruncateYan, Zheng
2013-01-17ceph: Don't add dirty inode to dirty list if caps is in migrationYan, Zheng
2013-01-17ceph: Fix infinite loop in __wake_requestsYan, Zheng
2013-01-17ceph: Don't update i_max_size when handling non-auth capYan, Zheng
2013-01-17rbd: remove linger unconditionallyAlex Elder
2013-01-17rbd: get rid of RBD_MAX_SEG_NAME_LENAlex Elder
2013-01-17rbd: do not allow remove of mounted-on imageAlex Elder
2013-01-17rbd: remove snapshots on error in rbd_add()Alex Elder
2013-01-17rbd: increase maximum snapshot name lengthAlex Elder
2013-01-17rbd: fix read-only option nameAlex Elder
2013-01-17rbd: zero return code in rbd_dev_image_id()Alex Elder
2013-01-17rbd: fix bug in rbd_dev_id_put()Alex Elder
2013-01-17ceph: don't reference req after putAlex Elder
2013-01-17libceph: remove 'osdtimeout' optionSage Weil
2013-01-17libceph: avoid using freed osd in __kick_osd_requests()Alex Elder
2013-01-17libceph: fix osdmap decode error pathsSage Weil
2013-01-17libceph: fix protocol feature mismatch failure pathSage Weil
2013-01-17Revert "drm/i915: no lvds quirk for Zotac ZDBOX SD ID12/ID13"Daniel Vetter
2013-01-17libceph: WARN, don't BUG on unexpected connection statesAlex Elder
2013-01-17libceph: always reset osds when kickingAlex Elder
2013-01-17libceph: move linger requests sooner in kick_requests()Alex Elder
2013-01-17libceph: register request before unregister lingerAlex Elder
2013-01-17libceph: don't use rb_init_node() in ceph_osdc_alloc_request()Alex Elder
2013-01-17libceph: init event->node in ceph_osdc_create_event()Alex Elder
2013-01-17libceph: init osd->o_node in create_osd()Alex Elder
2013-01-17libceph: report connection fault with warningAlex Elder
2013-01-17libceph: socket can close in any connection stateAlex Elder
2013-01-17KVM: PPC: 44x: fix DCR read/writeAlexander Graf
2013-01-17drm/i915: disable cpt phase pointer fdi rx workaroundDaniel Vetter
2013-01-17EDAC: Fix kernel panic on module unloadingKonstantin Khlebnikov
2013-01-17Revert: "rt2x00: Don't let mac80211 send a BAR when an AMPDU subframe fails"Stanislaw Gruszka
2013-01-17dm thin: fix race between simultaneous io and discards to same blockJoe Thornber
2013-01-17Revert "MIPS: Optimise TLB handlers for MIPS32/64 R2 cores."Ralf Baechle
2013-01-17regulator: max8998: Ensure enough delay time for max8998_set_voltage_buck_tim...Axel Lin
2013-01-17regulator: max8998: Use uV in voltage_map_descAxel Lin
2013-01-17regulator: max8997: Use uV in voltage_map_descAxel Lin
2013-01-17USB: ehci: make debug port in-use detection functional againJan Beulich
2013-01-17xhci: Handle HS bulk/ctrl endpoints that don't NAK.Sarah Sharp
2013-01-17USB: hub: handle claim of enabled remote wakeup after resetOliver Neukum
2013-01-17xhci: Avoid "dead ports", add roothub port polling.Sarah Sharp
2013-01-17USB: Handle warm reset failure on empty port.Sarah Sharp
2013-01-17USB: Ignore port state until reset completes.Sarah Sharp
2013-01-17USB: Increase reset timeout.Sarah Sharp
2013-01-17USB: Allow USB 3.0 ports to be disabled.Sarah Sharp