AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-01-11Linux 3.4.25v3.4.25Greg Kroah-Hartman
2013-01-11can: Do not call dev_put if restart timer is running upon closeAlexander Stein
2013-01-11HID: Add Apple wireless keyboard 2011 ANSI to special driver listBen Hutchings
2013-01-11mm: limit mmu_gather batching to fix soft lockups on !CONFIG_PREEMPTMichal Hocko
2013-01-11drivers/rtc/rtc-vt8500.c: fix handling of data passed in struct rtc_timeTony Prisk
2013-01-11drivers/rtc/rtc-vt8500.c: correct handling of CR_24H bitfieldTony Prisk
2013-01-11CRIS: fix I/O macrosCorey Minyard
2013-01-11lib: atomic64: Initialize locks statically to fix early usersStephen Boyd
2013-01-11Bluetooth: cancel power_on work when unregistering the deviceGustavo Padovan
2013-01-11Bluetooth: Add missing lock nesting notationGustavo Padovan
2013-01-11Bluetooth: ath3k: Add support for VAIO VPCEH [0489:e027]Marcos Chaparro
2013-01-11PCI: Reduce Ricoh 0xe822 SD card reader base clock frequency to 50MHzAndy Lutomirski
2013-01-11solos-pci: fix double-free of TX skb in DMA modeDavid Woodhouse
2013-01-11ARM: 7607/1: realview: fix private peripheral memory base for EB rev. B boardsWill Deacon
2013-01-11ARM: missing ->mmap_sem around find_vma() in swp_emulate.cAl Viro
2013-01-11ARM: mm: use pteval_t to represent page protection valuesWill Deacon
2013-01-11tcp: RFC 5961 5.2 Blind Data Injection Attack MitigationEric Dumazet
2013-01-11tcp: tcp_replace_ts_recent() should not be called from tcp_validate_incoming()Eric Dumazet
2013-01-11tcp: refine SYN handling in tcp_validate_incomingEric Dumazet
2013-01-11tcp: implement RFC 5961 4.2Eric Dumazet
2013-01-11tcp: implement RFC 5961 3.2Eric Dumazet
2013-01-11tcp: fix MSG_SENDPAGE_NOTLAST logicEric Dumazet
2013-01-11net: sched: integer overflow fixStefan Hasko
2013-01-11inet: Fix kmemleak in tcp_v4/6_syn_recv_sock and dccp_v4/6_request_recv_sockChristoph Paasch
2013-01-11batman-adv: fix random jitter calculationAkinobu Mita
2013-01-11sparc: huge_ptep_set_* functions need to call set_huge_pte_at()Dave Kleikamp
2013-01-11x86, amd: Disable way access filter on Piledriver CPUsAndre Przywara
2013-01-11freezer: add missing mb's to freezer_count() and freezer_should_skip()Tejun Heo
2013-01-11cgroup: remove incorrect dget/dput() pair in cgroup_create_dir()Tejun Heo
2013-01-11xhci: Add Lynx Point LP to list of Intel switchable hostsRussell Webb
2013-01-11usb: host: xhci: Stricter conditional for Z1 system models for Compliance Mod...Alexis R. Cortes
2013-01-11xhci: fix null-pointer dereference when destroying half-built segment ringsJulius Werner
2013-01-11xHCI: Fix TD Size calculation on 1.0 hosts.Sarah Sharp
2013-01-11xhci: Fix conditional check in bandwidth calculation.Sarah Sharp
2013-01-11usb: musb: cppi_dma: export cppi_interrupt()Sergei Shtylyov
2013-01-11genirq: Always force thread affinityThomas Gleixner
2013-01-11Input: sentelic - only report position of first finger as ST coordinatesChristophe TORDEUX
2013-01-11Input: walkera0701 - fix crash on startupPeter Popovec
2013-01-11nfs: fix null checking in nfs_get_option_str()Xi Wang
2013-01-11nfsd: avoid permission checks on EXCLUSIVE_CREATE replayNeil Brown
2013-01-11nfsd4: fix oops on unusual readlike compoundJ. Bruce Fields
2013-01-11nfsd: fix v4 reply cachingJ. Bruce Fields
2013-01-11nfs: fix wrong object type in lockowner_slabYanchuan Nian
2013-01-11NFS: Fix calls to drop_nlink()Trond Myklebust
2013-01-11NFS: avoid NULL dereference in nfs_destroy_serverNeilBrown
2013-01-11NFS: Add sequence_priviliged_ops for nfs4_proc_sequence()Bryan Schumaker
2013-01-11ACPI / scan: Do not use dummy HID for system bus ACPI nodesRafael J. Wysocki
2013-01-11ACPI: do acpisleep dmi check when CONFIG_ACPI_SLEEP is setZhang Rui
2013-01-11usb: gadget: network: fix bind() error pathSebastian Andrzej Siewior
2013-01-11usb: gadget: uvc: fix error path in uvc_function_bind()Sebastian Andrzej Siewior