AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-04-14Linux 3.4.107v3.4.107Zefan Li
2015-04-14PCI: Handle read-only BARs on AMD CS553x devicesMyron Stowe
2015-04-14lib/checksum.c: fix build for generic csum_tcpudp_nofoldkarl beldan
2015-04-14mm: fix anon_vma->degree underflow in anon_vma endless growing preventionLeon Yu
2015-04-14net: compat: Update get_compat_msghdr() to match copy_msghdr_from_user() beha...Catalin Marinas
2015-04-14nilfs2: fix deadlock of segment constructor during recoveryRyusuke Konishi
2015-04-14spi: dw: revisit FIFO size detection againAndy Shevchenko
2015-04-14ntp: Fixup adjtimex freq validation on 32-bit systemsJohn Stultz
2015-04-14s390/3215: fix tty output containing tabsMartin Schwidefsky
2015-04-14x86, cpu, amd: Add workaround for family 16h, erratum 793Borislav Petkov
2015-04-14fsnotify: next_i is freed during fsnotify_unmount_inodes.Jerry Hoemann
2015-04-14net:socket: set msg_namelen to 0 if msg_name is passed as NULL in msghdr stru...Ani Sinha
2015-04-14sched/rt: Reduce rq lock contention by eliminating locking of non-feasible ta...Tim Chen
2015-04-14Bluetooth: ath3k: workaround the compatibility issue with xHCI controllerAdam Lee
2015-04-14staging: comedi: cb_pcidas64: fix incorrect AI range code handlingIan Abbott
2015-04-14ipvs: rerouting to local clients is not needed anymoreJulian Anastasov
2015-04-14jfs: fix readdir regressionDave Kleikamp
2015-04-14Bluetooth: Fix invalid length check in l2cap_information_rsp()Tim Niemeyer
2015-04-14pagemap: do not leak physical addresses to non-privileged userspaceKirill A. Shutemov
2015-04-14Bluetooth: Add USB device 04ca:3010 as Atheros AR3012Janne Heikkinen
2015-04-14Bluetooth: ath3k: Add support of MCI 13d3:3408 bt deviceDmitry Tunin
2015-04-14Bluetooth: Add support for Acer [0489:e078]Anantha Krishnan
2015-04-14Add a new PID/VID 0227/0930 for AR3012.Vincent Zwanenburg
2015-04-14Bluetooth: Add support for Broadcom device of Asus Z97-DELUXE motherboardMarcel Holtmann
2015-04-14Bluetooth: Add support for Acer [13D3:3432]Anantha Krishnan
2015-04-14Bluetooth: Ignore isochronous endpoints for Intel USB bootloaderMarcel Holtmann
2015-04-14Bluetooth: Add support for Intel bootloader devicesMarcel Holtmann
2015-04-14Bluetooth: append new supported device to the list [0b05:17d0]Andy Shevchenko
2015-04-14Bluetooth: sort the list of IDs in the source codeAndy Shevchenko
2015-04-14Drivers: hv: vmbus: incorrect device name is printed when child device is unr...Fernando Soto
2015-04-14nilfs2: fix deadlock of segment constructor over I_SYNC flagRyusuke Konishi
2015-04-14ASoC: sgtl5000: add delay before first I2C accessEric Nelson
2015-04-14net: sctp: fix passing wrong parameter header to param_type2af in sctp_proces...Saran Maruti Ramanara
2015-04-14net: sctp: fix NULL pointer dereference in af->from_addr_param on malformed p...Daniel Borkmann
2015-04-14gpio: sysfs: fix memory leak in gpiod_sysfs_set_active_lowJohan Hovold
2015-04-14gpio: sysfs: fix memory leak in gpiod_export_linkJohan Hovold
2015-04-14MIPS: Fix kernel lockup or crash after CPU offline/onlineHemmo Nieminen
2015-04-14caif: remove wrong dev_net_set() callNicolas Dichtel
2015-04-14lib/checksum.c: fix carry in csum_tcpudp_nofoldkarl beldan
2015-04-14ALSA: ak411x: Fix stall in work callbackTakashi Iwai
2015-04-14ASoC: atmel_ssc_dai: fix start event for I2S modeBo Shen
2015-04-14MIPS: IRQ: Fix disable_irq on CPU IRQsFelix Fietkau
2015-04-14deal with deadlock in d_walk()Al Viro
2015-04-14move d_rcu from overlapping d_child to overlapping d_aliasAl Viro
2015-04-14KEYS: close race between key lookup and freeingSasha Levin
2015-04-14x86, mm/ASLR: Fix stack randomization on 64-bit systemsHector Marco-Gisbert
2015-04-14net: sctp: fix skb_over_panic when receiving malformed ASCONF chunksDaniel Borkmann
2015-04-14net: sctp: fix panic on duplicate ASCONF chunksDaniel Borkmann
2015-04-14vm: make stack guard page errors return VM_FAULT_SIGSEGV rather than SIGBUSLinus Torvalds
2015-04-14vm: add VM_FAULT_SIGSEGV handling supportLinus Torvalds